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Avene Latte Protezione Alta Spf 30 Pelle Sensibile 100 Ml 3282779228671
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23.50 16.45
Avene milk high protection spf 30 sensitive leather 100 ml, for the skin sensitive to the sun, light and subject to erythema.
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Avene Solar Milk SPF 50+ Sensitive leather, milk for delicate and sensitive skin with high protection from UV rays.
Avene Cicalfate Post Acta renovating emulsion is indicated after superficial dermatological acts, such as laser and peeling.
Avene Cleanance Women Trattamento Notte Levigante 30Ml 3282770205589
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31.50 25.20
Avene Cleanance Women Levante Night Treatment for adult skin that present imperfections and irregular skin grain.
Avene Cleanance Women Siero Correttore 30Ml 3282770205671
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Availability: 4 item(s)
36.50 29.20
Avene Cleanance Women Corrector serum is a treatment for adult skin that present imperfections, irregular skin grain and visible pores.
Avene Cicalfate + Crema Ristrutturante Protettiva 40 Ml 3282770204667
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12.90 10.32
Avene Cicalfate + Protective renovating cream for fragilized sensitive skin indicated to soothe the dry irritations of adults, children and babies.
Avene Crema Protezione Alta Spf 50 Pelle Sensibile Secca Senza Profumo 50 Ml 3282770149487
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23.90 16.73
Avene Solar cream SPF 50+ Sensitive leather dry 50 ml, for sensitive and hypersensitive skin in the sun, for dry skin and exposed to intense solar radiation
Avene Autoabbronzante Idratante Viso Corpo Pelle Sensibile 100ml 3282770073041
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18.90 13.23
Avene self -tanning moisturizing face body sensitive leather 100 ml, self -tanning treatment for face and body, silk effect gel.
Avene Cicalfate Balsamo Ristrutturante Labbra 10 Ml 3282770101263
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9.50 7.60
Avene Cicalfate balsam renovating 10 ml lips, it is a repaired balm for chapped and fragilized lips
Avene Cicalfate Lotion restructuring regenerates and soothes irritated and damaged skin and contrasts the bacterial proliferation.
Avene Cleanance Concentrato Anti Imperfezioni Pelle Grassa A Tendenza Acneica 30 Ml 3282770202854
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22.90 18.32
Avene Cleanance concentrated anti-imperfections, treatment that reduces imperfections and blackheads and limits the appearance of new imperfections, thanks to its efficacy in the same efficiency anti-imperfections and anti-compulsion
Avene Cleanance Expert colorful treatment for oily trendy trend 40 ml, it is a soft emulsion, which is easily applied, of rapid absorption, leaves the skin hydrated and opaque. it is a good base for makeup
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