Farmacia Longo

Farmacia Longo di Piazza VittorioLongo Pharmacy of Dr. Giuseppe Longo is the historic pharmacy in the Esquilino district of Rome. We are in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 46 easily reachable via the Metro A stop "Vittorio Emanuele" (exit towards Via Ricasoli), on foot from Termini Station and through numerous bus and tram lines. We have been a point of reference for Health and Beauty for years. Our strengths are the passion for work, attention to the customer, the great professionalism of the entire staff and always competitive prices. We are open 365 days a year to satisfy everyone's needs as much as possible, and thanks to we are able to extend our service and our professionalism throughout Italy. Here you will find a rich Homeopathy department, a Galenic Laboratory, a wide selection of Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical products, and thanks to Fast Shipping throughout Italy we are able to deliver the products you need to your home in 24 working hours. 


- 1st Certificate of "Oncological Pharmacy" obtained at the School of Higher Education for the Council and Multidisciplinary Assistance to the De-hospitalized Patient of Edra Academy. With the patronage of FOFI and FEDERFARMA. 

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