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Bionike Defence Color Lipmat Rossetto 401 Peche [Clone] 8029041177634
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18.50 14.80
Bionike Defence Color Lipmat Rossetto 401 Peche, indicato per pelli sensibili e intolleranti.
Bionike Defense Color Lip Design Lip pencil, sensitive and intolerant skin, defines the lip contour and prolongs the duration of the lipstick.
Bionike Defence Color Pretty Touch is a product of cosmetics & nbsp; with an ultra-flaine texture, light touch and bright and velvety finish.
Bionike Defense Xage is a concentrated face treatment with; immediate lifting action; for a more plunged and relaxed skin.
Bionike Defense Color Natural Brow Sculpting is an automatic eyebrow pencil for drawing, correcting and sculpting the eyebrows. From the sliding texture and with Mina with an oblique cut for a modular and precise application. With applicator to blend and comb.
Bionike Defgence Color Liplumiere gloss lips color mauve 506, is a bright gloss that gives lips a bright color. It has a protective and emollient texture, without preservatives, perfume without gluten -free and Nickel Tested.
Bionike Defence color Eyelumiere illuminating eyeshadow with a creamy and velvety formula
Bionike Defence Color Duo Contouring is a face palette for sensitive and intolerant skins, ideal for all complexions. Sculpts the strokes of the face.
Bionike Defense color Eyelumiere: illuminating eyeshadow with a creamy and velvety formula that enhances the gaze giving a bright and sophisticated result. ;
Bionike Defence Color Anti-Blemish Make Up 4 Ml Miel 02 80823636
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Availability: 10 item(s)
16.25 13.00
Bionike Defense anti-bensyish make-up color, stick corrector for sensitive and intolerant skins.
Availability: 1 item(s)
Bionike Defence Color Lipmat Ultra Sedous lipstick that wraps the lips with a full and dark color, with a mat-Satinen finish. with a creamy and moisturizing texture.
bionike defense color liplumiere gloss lips naked color 501, is a bright gloss that gives the lips a bright color. Has a protective and emollient texture.
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