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What is Curasept 0.05 Travel Ads Collutario 100 ml curasept travel ads & nbsp; is a mouthwash with chlorhexidine 0.05, fluorine 0.05 and a.d.s. (Anti Discoloration System) for a plaque treatment and caries ruling daily. The dental enamel. Fluoro reminsralizes the...
Chicco Set Igiene Orale Girl 36 Mesi Rosa 8058664121212
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Availability: 6 item(s)
11.29 10.16
Salva Alito Giuliani Arancia 30 Compresse 905822033
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Availability: 106 item(s)
6.00 5.40
Availability: 1 item(s)
Flurbiprofene Te Collutorio 160 Ml
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Availability: 50 item(s)
8.00 7.20
Availability: 1 item(s)
Ortodental Baby Rosso 908754866
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Availability: 4 item(s)
2.90 2.61
Buy on Easyfarma, the best online pharmacy; The Longo pharmacy has been the reference point on the Italian market for years
Coryfin Gola 0.25 mg 20 OroDispersible tablets, is a disinfectant medicinal oral cavity indicated in pharyngeal and tonsillary inflammations
Lenident Soluzione Odontoiatrica 6ml 3,5g 25635018
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Availability: 258 item(s)
5.60 5.04
Lenident is a medicine without a prescription of procainaclorohydrate prescription useful as a local anesthetic, analgesic for teeth sore due to caries, pulpopathies and periodondes.
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Availability: 13 item(s)
6.00 5.40
Salva-Alito Giuliani food supplement indications Food in chewable tablets based on selected natural essences equipped with one specific anti-altitous action. Essential oils neutralize bad smells and develop a pleasant refreshing and deodorant effect of the oral cavity....
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Buy on Easyfarma, the best online pharmacy; The Longo pharmacy has been the reference point on the Italian market for years
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Availability: 12 item(s)
18.00 16.20
jalma mouthwash description Thanks to its particular formulation (containing Rigenase), it carries out a & rsquo; detergent and refreshing action on the oral mucosa as well as keeping the micro -trained one under control; The presence of fluorine contributes to preventing...
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