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sanoclin vaginal lavender with boric acid Action Igenizing, soothing, decongestant. format Package containing 4 plans of 140 ml + 4 disposable cannulas.
Dispositivo medico CE, classe I. Gel vaginale indicato per cervicovaginiti acute e recidivanti, ectropions (patologia infiammatoria del collo dell’utero), dismicrobismi vaginali, vaginiti, vaginosi. Acidificazione dell’ambiente vaginale con il ripristino del pH fisiologico e della normale flora microbica. Eutrofizzante della mucosa vaginale nella distrofia del periodo climaterico.
Sollival & nbsp; Lavenda CE medical device, class I. Sollival Lavenda & Egrave; Particularly suitable for gently removing organic residues after menstruation and pharmacological during gynecological therapies. In menopause to soothe the symptoms and, thanks to the humous action, to the...
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Floxaa Vaginal lavender description with its formulation based on hydrogen peroxide, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and chamomile, helps To eliminate the symptoms resulting from an imbalance of hydration and vaginal pH, favoring the maintenance of the natural defenses of the vagina....
Deco vagin Lavanda vaginale costituita da una miscela di lattobacilli contenuta in un innovativo tappo serbatoio montato sopra un flacone con una soluzione a base di tea tree oil ed aloe vera. Polvere e soluzione vengono unite al momento dell'uso grazie al pratico sistema di confezionamento...
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LOGUSGYN OVULI VAGINALI Descrizione Logusgyn ovuli vaginali è un dispositivo medico indicato come coadiuvante per il trattamento della sintomatologia associata a vulvo-vaginiti di qualsiasi origine, compreso l’HPV (Papilloma virus umano). La sintomatologia associata alla...
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Flogimed Ovuli description eggs indicated to encourage the summary processes of the vaginal mucosa, in the prevention of vaginal affections of bacterial and mycotic origin, e as an adjuvant in their treatment. Ingredients Semi -influenced glycerides, hyaluronic acid sodium...
ausilium lavender class I medical device. recommended vaginal lavender to maintain the physiological level of pH performs a protective action at the level of the vagina flora contributes to protect the epithelium from pathogenic germs. modalit & agrave; of use a lavender per...
echigin single -dose vaginal lavender CE medical device. Respects the natural acidit & agrave; of the vaginal environment, carries out a & rsquo; cleansing, deodorant and anti -alkaline action. Echigin contains in its formulation the following substances: l & rsquo; echinacea purplea,...
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