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Lichenin liquid detergent Indications: Solution for the personal hygiene. Modalits & Agrave; of use take a quantit & agrave; sufficient product and use as a normal detergent. warnings Cosmetic product. Keep out of the reach of children. conservation...
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Geroderm Zolfo PH 5 characteristics: for the cleansing of oily and seborrheic skin, tending to the formation of comedoni (black points). for its acidifying action and for the activity; of the sulfur & egrave; Recommended in the hygiene of the skin under the course of specific...
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Queens Oils Bathroom oil Indications Restores the owners; physiological skin. & Eacute; Particularly suitable for the daily cleaning of the child's skin and adults in all cases of dry and early skin cute. Recommended for the cleansing of the skin affected by eczema, psoriasis,...
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same derm ph4 detergent indications: indicated in dermatology and gynecology in the hygiene of the skin and mucous membranes. modalit & agrave; Use: is used instead of the common soap for both local washing and bathroom or shower. Spread a small quantity of product on...
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Vibrational Beauty authentic joy EDP Indications Elisir, Bach flowers, energy help. It spreads a fresh and crystalline fragrance. components II Bach Flowers Content are: Gorse: Forza d & rsquo; soul and tranquility & agrave; Inner. Centaury: Respect and Fedelont &...
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Pantaskin Plus detergent indications: sanitizing action for the cleansing of guests of Communit & Agrave;, the elderly, disabled, sportsmen in the gym and in the pool. modalit & agrave; Use: Use the product on the area to be cleaned wet, both as a detergent and as a...
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Hippocampus natural sponge description Natural sponge. cod. Far 170
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Aliant mico dermatological detergent shower shower. Without parabens. modalit & agrave; of use use the product as it is or diluted in the water. If used diluted (for example by pouring the product on a throbbed sponge of warm water) it does not & egrave; The rinse is...
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DERMANIL SKIN PROTECTION Descrizione Un olio, che grazie alla sua composizione, deterge tutte le aree del corpo, prevenendo da allergie e dermatiti e lenitiva. Protegge la cute dalle proliferazioni microbiche lenendo i rossori cutanei ed il prurito dato dalla secchezza. È utile in...
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