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TRIOMEG face and body cleansing gel indications Deterves gently by carrying out a restructuring and moisturizing action at the epidermal level. It protects from the dehydrating action of water and from external aggressions. dosage and modality & agrave; of use At the...
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Buy on Easyfarma, the best online pharmacy; The Longo pharmacy has been the reference point on the Italian market for years
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deosmell deodorant description Hypoallergenic deodorant indicated for all skin types. thanks to its content of natural active ingredients with the well -known ownership & agrave; antimicrobial, prevents the proliferation of bacteria from the bad smell. used as a adjuvant...
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SEBA MED shower oil Indications: - For dry and sensitive skin. characteristics: - designed for dry and sensitive skin. - ideal for the skin of infants and the elderly. - used daily for the bathroom or shower, leave on the leather a protective film helping to return...
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Buy on Easyfarma, the best online pharmacy; The Longo pharmacy has been the reference point on the Italian market for years
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Guam Bagoccia dren > Dren shower bath A concentrate of sea rich in algae guam and mineral salts (known for their draining action) Take care of the your skin gently leaving it soft and velvety Produced for body hygiene. format 250 ml...
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CMC Glycolic soap modalit & agrave; of use: applying on the inhumidated skin, produce itself; a creamy foam; Massage with circular movements for 2-3 minutes, therefore, rinse abundantly. characteristics: with smoothing, moisturizing and exfoliating action. Furthermore,...
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azydet description Anti-see sanitizing soap. Azydet Solid exploits the property & agrave; Azelaic acid that makes the skin smooth and compact, eliminates dead cells and attenuates small imperfections, giving the skin a bright appearance. Anti-according to. Composition...
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BRADERM VERSIACTIVE Detergente corpo Descrizione Detergente per il corpo ad alta tollerabilità particolarmente adatto nella seborrea e nel prurito con azione idratante e purificante. Contribuisce a ripristinare il film idrolipidico, i valori fisiologici della cute e la...
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Alusac Estate description Dermocosmetic product containing alusil, synergistic association of: - Pure silver microSpugno at 99.9% of origin natural with owners & agrave; long -term antimicrobials; The innovative spongy structure allows you to adhere to the skin by constantly...
Buy on Easyfarma, the best online pharmacy; The Longo pharmacy has been the reference point on the Italian market for years
Lichtena deodorant anti breathable armpits, feet, hands deodorant that contrasts the excessive sweating and formation of the armpits of armpits, feet And hands. The selection of a few specific ingredients, including a purified aluminum hydrochloride of very high quality; Which...
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