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Silverix sterile gauze without preservatives description disposable sterile gauze for the periocular hygiene of the adult and the child . indicated for the mechanical removal of residues from the eyelids and eyelashes both in the adult and in the child, even in the presence of...
Visunet ophthalmic gauze CE medical device. Disposable 100% natural cotton gauze soaked in gently cleaning solution based on hyaluronic acid 0.25%, Aloe Vera, distilled water of chamomile. for the daily hygiene of the periocular area of ​​the adult and the child. format...
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Cicatridina unguento nasale Cicatridina è un unguento a base di acido ialuronico che aderisce alla mucosa nasale formando un film che protegge dagli agenti esterni e dai patogeni. L'acido ialuronico, trattenendo l'acqua fisiologicamente presente, idrata e favorisce i naturali...
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Texil auricular bandage characteristics: of hydrophilic gauze. measures e Codes: - 5mx1 cm: 15080; - 5mx2 cm: 15100.
Disponibile in 12h
Emosalv Plus Holice tampons in natural cellulose pocket kit containing: - 2 Big Cellulose swabs and 2 Piccoli, - Mirror, - Dettle alarm handkerchiefs (based on the hull Pastoris 10%). composition of the Perondotto: These swabs are in cellulose natural cone -shaped...
Texil eyewear characteristics: Ocular tablets in pure cotton. Cod. 15880.
Z-Med disposable CE medical device. Sterile ocular gauze based on hyaluronic acid particularly indicated as an adjustment hygiene device for the adult and the child. And extracts of echinacea and pineapple, useful ingredients not only to encourage perfect hygiene of the eyes but also...
Disponibile in 12h
Dr. GIBAUD ORTHO TUTORE DITA Descrizione Dispositivo Medico Classe I Reg. (UE) 2017/745 e s.m.i. Steccaggio dita-polso, modellabile per mantenere in flessione le articolazioni metacarpo-falangea e interfalangea prossimale. Il dispositivo medico fornisce l'immobilizzazione e l'efficace...