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RinoAIR 7 Rinoair Spray Soluzione Salina Ipertonica per una rapida igiene e decongestione nasale. Dispositivo medico per il trattamento dell'edema associato a riniti e sinusiti persistenti e ricorrenti. Per un'azione preventiva contro il rischio di più contaminazioni microbiche....
rhorex nasal shower with bicarbonate 3% hypertonic saline solution of NaCl, a sterile ready for use, indicated as an adjuvant in the treatment of respiratory affections with impairment of mucus-circling clearance. thanks to the presence of sodium...
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Terme di Tabiano Sorgente Pergoli Natural mineral water Solfureo-solfato-Calcio-Magniesia description A high Solphidric acid content. microbiologically pure. The property & agrave; curative of this water have been known for decades and are used in different affections of the...
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Aluneb solution to be sprayed, through aerosols and nasal shower, based on hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight and xylitol, indicated In the restoration and maintenance of the physiological conditions of the rino-gold mucosa. Faringeal. The hi-inaled hyaluronic acid hydrated...
fluimar sterile isotonic sea water indicated for - The daily hygiene of the pits Nasali - In the case of nasal obstruction, to encourage the elimination of mucus - as a complement of the treatments against the affections of the arrival respiratory...
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rhonocomplex & nbsp; nasal gel spray product based on hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E, useful for cleaning the It was nasal and the humidification of the nasal mucous membranes, necessary in the event of re -rhosinusitis, rhinitis atrophic and drying, nasal polypostations...
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Buy on Easyfarma, the best online pharmacy; The Longo pharmacy has been the reference point on the Italian market for years
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Rhinopanteine ​​ nasal ointment description Medical device for lubrication and maintenance of hydration of the nasal mucosa, adjusted the processes reparative. The product & egrave; Indicated: -after surgery in order to reduce the formation of crust -in the event of dryness...
& nbsp; nas-ir nasal washing isotonic solution MEDICAL DEVICE CE 0476 of nasal irrigation, indicated for daily hygiene through the shower of the nasal mucous membranes, in order to prevent obstructions due to the stagnation of catarare secretions or for those who suffer from...
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Aluneb nasal spray nasal spray based on isotonic solution with Hyaluronic acid high molecular weight. For the well -being of the narrow streets. ingredients Sodium hyaluroned, water. does not contain propellers and preservatives. Warnings CE medical device....
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Narivent anti -feed nasal ointment indications Medical device with an anti -senior osmotic action and flogolithic. indicated in the treatment of specific (allergic) or non -specific vasomotor rhinitis, in order to prevent nasal polypoid formations. indicated to...
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