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Gioc & Agrave; Pediatric food complement in syrup, based on Echinacea and B vitamins with honey with honey Acacia, useful for supporting the body's natural defenses and the functionalit & agrave; of the first respiratory tract, in addition to carrying out a protective and emollient...
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Unico & Igrave; description zinc -based food supplement in a leap form, fluorine and vitamin D3. The vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth, instead fluoride contributes to maintaining the mineralization of the teeth. ingredients purified water, glycerin,...
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ZEROALL Descrizione Integratore alimentare a base di ortica utile a favorire la funzionalità delle prime vie respiratorie, di piantaggine ad azione emolliente e lenitiva della mucosa orofaringea utile al mantenimento del normale tono della voce, di liquirizia utile per il benessere...
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d 3pi & ugrave; drops for oral use Vitamin D3 Dha Lutheine Food supplement. Vitamin D3 & Egrave; necessary for: - the maintenance of normal bones; - normal absorption/use of calcium and phosphorus. - normal levels of calcium in the blood. Dha: -...
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DECODÌ DHA Descrizione Integratore alimentare a base di vitamina D utile al normale assorbimento del calcio e il mantenimento di ossa e denti normali. Ingredienti Acidi grassi a media catena, olio algale titolato in DHA (acido docosaesaenoico); emulsionante: mono e digliceridi...
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Zelux d description Food complement in liquid form based on DHA, EPA, Lutheine, Zeaxanthin and Vitamin D, indicated in cases of reduced contribution with the diet or increased needs of these elements. Thanks to vitamin D, it contributes to the maintenance of normal bones....
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Byta K Descrizione Un complemento alimentare in forma liquida a base di Vitamina K, indicato nei casi di ridotto apporto con la dieta o di aumentato fabbisogno di tale elemento. Grazie alla Vitamina K, contribuisce alla normale coagulazione del sangue. Ingredienti Helianthus annuus...
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Biotrading Proton dk50 description Micellar solution in the aqueous phase, easily Miskite with all liquids and foods. Tasteless and odorless. Suitable for prophylaxis of rickets and late neonatal hemorrhagic disease (VKDB). Vitamin D3 carries out a hormonal action on various...
& nbsp; drops Pediafluor food supplement indicated in the event of a decreased intake or increased fluorine needs. The fluorine & egrave; Useful for the systemic prevention of dental caries and contributes to the maintenance of the mineralization of the teeth. Gluten -free....
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Primafluor description Flat food supplement. The fluoride contributes to the maintenance of the mineralization of the teeth. ingredients purified water, aroma, fluoride sodium; Acidifying: citric acid. Without gluten and lactose . Nutritional characteristics...