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Biafin Emulsione Cutanea 100Ml Ristrutturante E Idratante Contro Le Scottature Cutanee 3574661505916
Save 10%
Biafin emulsion for scalds is indicated in the event of burns and skin problems linked to sun exposure.
Cerave Detergente Idratante Per Pelli Normali E Miste 236Ml 3337875597180
Save 10%
Availability: 93 item(s)
10.89 9.80
Moisturizing cleaner for normal and mixed skins, cleanses and moisturizes in compliance with the protective barrier of face and body skin. With 3 essential ceramids and hyaluronic acid.
Dermovitamina Calmilene Crema Idratante Per Pelle Secca Molto Secca E Sensibile 8032738384888
Save 20%
Availability: 71 item(s)
16.90 13.52
suitable for daily hydration of dry and red skin, with tendency to irritation and dermatitis.
Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Lozione Ricostitutiva Idratante Corpo 237 Ml 3499320014731
Save 10%
Cetaphil Optimal Hydration  è una lozione ricostitutiva  idratante  per il  corpo . Con la sua formulazione leggera, fornisce un'idratazione intensa e di lunga durata fino a  48 ore , aiutando a riparare la barriera cutanea. La  pelle  risulta immediatamente  morbida e reidratata .
Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Siero Idratante Spray Corpo 207 Ml 3499320014755
Save 10%
Availability: 10 item(s)
17.90 16.11
Cetaphil Optimal Hydration  è un siero idratante per il corpo. Grazie alla sua formula innovativa, fornisce un' idratazione  intensa e di lunga durata, fino a  48 ore .
Benzac Gel 5% 40G 032143024
Save 10%
Availability: 102 item(s)
23.50 21.15
Benzac Gel 5% 40 g, farmaco disinfezione della cute, svolge attivita' antisettica
Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Lozione Ricostitutiva Idratante Corpo 473 Ml 3499320014748
Save 10%
Cos'è Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Lozione Ricostitutiva Idratante Corpo 473 ml Cetaphil Optimal Hydration è una lozione ricostitutiva idratante per il corpo . Con la sua formulazione leggera, fornisce un'idratazione intensa e di lunga durata fino a 48 ore , aiutando a riparare la...
Bioderma Atoderm Ultra Nourishing Moisturizing Cream 200 Ml 3701129805329
Save 40%
Availability: 4 item(s)
16.50 9.90
What is Bioderma ATODERM Ultra -Nourishing Moisturizing Cream 200 ml ATODERM Crème Ultra provides daily treatment for leather from normal to dry , To ensure a moisturizing efficacy and ultra-nutrient on two levels: - hydration: moisturizing agents capable of holding a...
Codex V10 Trattamento Eutrofico Cutaneo Oleogel 50Ml 908792296
Save 10%
Availability: 12 item(s)
39.50 35.55
Codex V10 Eutrophic Treatment Cutaneo Oleogel is a powerful trophic and mucous membranes, a powerful anti -aging agent, an agent of regeneration of vessels and fabrics according to the district needs.
Availability: 2 item(s)
Biioderma Atoderm Intensive Gel Estate 500 ml. Ultra rich foam gel for sensitive skin, from very dry to atopic tendency.
Bioderma Atoderm Sos Spray Anti Prurito 200 Ml 3401528546341
Save 20%
Availability: 18 item(s)
22.50 18.00
Biioderma Atoderm Sos Anti itching 200 ml, anti itching and ultra sootive, ideal for irritated sensitive skin, dry and very dry, for frequent or passenger itch, & nbsp; & nbsp; for the whole family from adults to Children.
Availability: 2 item(s)
Uriage Eau Thermale Pruriced soothing cream 100 ml. This cream has been formulated to soothe the sensations of pinching and restore skin comfort thanks to the thermal water of Uriage and the squid.
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