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Vichy Deodorante Crema Anti Traspirante Per Sudorazione Intensa 30Ml 3337871310455
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Diponibilità immediata
13.40 9.38
Vichy deodorant anti breathable cream is not oily and leaves no fat residues on the skin extending its effectiveness for 7 days.
Bionike Defence Deo ACtive 96 h Latte Deodorante 50 ml 8029041122269
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15.90 12.72
Bionike Defence Deo ACtive 96 h  è un  Latte Deodorante  a rapido assorbimento con residuo gradevolmente asciutto. Con profumo, senza alcool. Consigliato per  Ipersudorazione  (iperidrosi), anche associata a odore particolarmente sgradevole (bromidrosi).
Disponibile in 12h
Modè Tec Mousse is suitable for daily hygiene in case of bromidrosis and/or hyperhidrosis. Ideal for counteracting the problem of sweating typical of periods of hormonal variation and also for those who practice very intense physical activity.
what deocream deodorant cream for sensitive skin 50ml deocream is a deodorant based on plant extracts that regulates sweating without altering the physiological balance of the skin. moisturizing and nourishing, deocream is also excellent after depilation thanks to its...
ducray hidrosis control anti breathable cream hands and feet, for excessive breathability, effective all day and suitable for all skin types.
The Roche Posay Deodorante Crema 24 h soothing 40 ml protector, soothes and reduces the irritations for »¿ï» ¿ï »¿» ¿¿»¿¿» ¿»¿¿
Disponibile in 12h
Diponibilità immediata
Long anti -training deodorant cream, reduces sweating ; but does not block it.
Svr spirial intensive anti -breathable deodorant cream 48 h 50 ml, anti breathable deodorant without aluminum salts that can be applied on hands, feet, front, the texture not sticky, leaves the skin soft
Dermafresto Alfa is indicated in the deodration of sensitive skin, easily irritable and that do not tolerate common deodorants. Thanks to the careful choice of components, rigorously tested, to the absence of alcohol.
Dermafresh Odor Control Crema is an ultra -tract deodorant that regulates excessive sweating and neutralize the bad smell.
Bioclin Deo Control 30 ml sensitive skin cream, to control hypersudoration
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