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Zuccari fordren cosmetics glutei & cellulite gel thighs 200 ml, reduces localized adipose accumulations, drains excess liquids, toned and raised and restores elasticity
5d Timining Platforms transparent and invisible 14 pcs, based on natural substances capable of carrying out an important draining action for the elimination of excess liquids
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what is Elancyl slim slim design tap and rebel areas 150 ml Elancyl Slim Design is a revolution in 3 phases against cellulite: [Caffeine Complex] 3D is the result of 10 years of research and contains an original combination of assets Exceptional, which all act to firm the skin and...
Iodase slim legs firming cream and draining 220 ml, cream specifically formulated for the legs area, remodeling and draining treatment against the imperfections of cellulite
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Weleda's birch cellulite oil restores the natural balance of the skin in case of predisposition to cellulite.
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Guam Muds Dren Plus Legs, Glutei arms, effectively reduces skin imperfections caused by swelling and water retention, 500 g.
Guam duo treatment in cold -effect anti -cellulite cream has been specifically designed to counter cellulite present in the legs and buttocks.
Guam Fanghi D'Alga A Freddo Anticellulite 1 Kg 902199227
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Against skin imperfections and fatal fat. It is important that the first three treatments are carried out directly on the skin. Choick -free natural guam wet muds are a great concentrate.
Guam Biiodato anti -cellulite treatment ï »is a body cream that counteracts the imperfections of cellulite through a dermoterical action.
Guam Fanghi Alga Trattamenti Cellulite 1 Kg 909927675
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Guam mud alga treatments against cellulite kg 1 acts against cellulite imperfections.
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Iodase Dren 220 ml anti -cellulite gel cream, formulated to counter the imperfections of cellulite, in the presence of strong water retention, giving relief to the legs that have a feeling of swelling and heaviness
Collagenil Body Remodeling Firming Body 200 ml, intensive treatment for the skin of the body with modeling, elasticizing, exfoliating, toning and adjuvant action in the stimulation of skin microcirculation, being impeded by cellulite
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