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Vichy Aqualia Volcano Drop is a moisturizing and enlightened boost that turns into millions of micro drops to contact with the epidermis, forming a moisturizing and bright layer on the skin. Intense hydration up to 48h
Uriage Eau Thermale Acqua Termale 300 Ml 3661434000522
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Availability: 7 item(s)
11.70 10.53
Uriage Eau Thermale thermal water is an authentic; healing water that hydrates, soothes and protects all types of skin even the most sensitive,; calm redness, irritation, erythema, small surgical interventions, itching, sunny shots, problems of shaving. ;
Uriage My Essentials è una comoda pochette in plastica da viaggio con una selezione di prodotti Uriage.
Availability: 2 item(s)
Uriage Eau Thermale Thermal water hydrates and protects all skin types for natural comfort and wellness
La Roche Posay Acqua Termale 300 Ml 3433422404403
Save 20%
Availability: 31 item(s)
15.99 12.79
La Roche Posay thermal water ; a basic treatment for intolerant skin; It soothes irritated skin ; from external factors (sun, dermatological treatments, etc ...) and prevents skin aging. ; suitable for adults and infants.
Jowae Acqua Idratante Spray 200 Ml 3664262000085
Save 20%
Availability: 17 item(s)
9.50 7.60
Jowae moisturizing water ; An water of ; face moisturizing treatment; with light, non -sticky texture, ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. ;
Lierac Lozione Preparatrice Idratante 200 Ml 3701436908324
Save 20%
Availability: 3 item(s)
15.50 12.40
La NUOVA Lierac Lozione Preparatrice Idratante  è una lozione idratante per il viso, senza necessità di risciacquo, idrata, leviga e perfeziona la detersione.
DetraibileNO AllergeniSenza parabeni
Avene Tolerance Hydra-10 Fluido Naturale Idratante 40Ml 3282770388299
Save 20%
Availability: 4 item(s)
23.90 19.12
What is Avene Tolerance Hydra-10 Natural Moisturizing Fluid 40ml Avene Tolerance Hydra 10 Fluid is a soothing and moisturizing treatment designed to restore the altered hydrolipidic film, restore comfort to the dry and sensitive skin . gives hydration for 48 hours and is rich in...
Avene Acqua Termale 150 Ml 3282779003124
Save 20%
Availability: 277 item(s)
9.90 7.92
Avene soothing and softening thermal water is indicated in case of fragile skin, redness, solar erythema, irritation.
La Roche Posay Acqua Termale 150 Ml 3433422404397
Save 20%
Availability: 16 item(s)
10.99 8.79
La Roche Posay thermal water 150 ml suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones
Vichy Acqua Termale Mineralizzante Spray Da 150 Ml 3337871308612
Save 20%
Availability: 10 item(s)
12.09 9.67
Vichy Mineralizing thermalizing spray of 150 ml, riminles the skin by giving hydration and protection. Increases the defenses of the skin by strengthening the structure.
Avene Acqua Termale 50 Ml 3282779035576
Save 20%
Availability: 15 item(s)
4.90 3.92
Avene 50 ml and softening thermal water is indicated in case of fragile skin, redness, solar erythema, irritation.
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