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Reciparis Progliance HD anti -wrinkle serum 30ml brightness activator, a treatment with illuminating and smoothing properties, which attenuates skin discouragement
Svr Liftian intense toning anti -wrinkle lifting serum toning 30 ml, immediately relaxes the skin and smooth the face and neck wrinkles
Pharmalife Assersina Puffy Intensive School Serious Discounts and Bags 15 ml, visibly reduces the periocular shadow areas and the prominence of the adipose bearings favoring easy removal, increases the smoothness of the skin and the tension of the bags
Ducray Keracnyl Siero 30Ml 3282770074468
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Ducray Kerannyl 30ml serum, useful for counteracting the signs of aging. Ideal for fat skin
Rilastil Multirepair S Ferulic Siero Gel Antirughe 30 Ml 8050444851227
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Relastil multitapair s ferulic anti -wrinkle serum 30 ml, produced capable of contrasting skin aging caused by oxidative stress, free radicals and the passage of time.
Pharmalife Aspiersina Bava Pure Intensive serum a fresh and emollient quick absorption, suitable for all skin types.
Endocare Tensage Serum 30 Ml 8470001529688
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53.00 47.70
Endoca Tensage Serum & Nbsp; is an intensive concentrated anti -scrabing treatment that contrasts the damage caused by & nbsp; Photoingering & nbsp; increasing turgor and brilliance and reducing the destructuring of the ripe skin attacked by free radicals. & Nbsp;
Gen Hyal Eyes Siero Sierno Occhi Anti wrinkles 15 ml, eye contour eye contour with draining and smoothing action, for bags and dark circles with marked anti-wrinkle effect, formula enhanced with hyaluronic acid at 2 %
Remarkle Hydrotenseur 30ml anti -wrinkle lifting serum, useful for giving the skin a relaxed effect and the oval of the redefined face
Planter's hyaluronic acid penta 5 anti -aging intensive anti -wrinkle face serum, uses 5 hyaluronic acids for 5 anti -anti -anti -anti -effects. Try the lift effect face serum for targeted action.
Abilast Siero Anti Age 30 Ml 923002051
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45.35 40.81
Abilast Anti Age Serum thanks to the association between Boswellic acids and the Esacur patented complex and the contribution of various active substances, ensures stressful skin a barrier to the action of free radicals, attenuates the loss of skin tonicity, intensely hydrated and reveals the brightness of the complexion, 30 ml.
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Collagenil Bio Longevity Serum Youth Activator 30 ml, reactivates the primordial freshness and brightness typical of young skin, redensify the support fibers of the skin and softens the signs of age
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