Anti-fall shampoo, brittle hair

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Cosa è Keramine H  Keramine H è uno shampoo anticaduta  con vitamina PP, che deterge delicatamente la cute e i capelli. Grazie alla sua azione stimolante, prepara la cute a ricevere il trattamento anti caduta e dona vitalità e forza  alla capigliatura. Come si usa ...
Bionike Defence Ks Hair Shampoo Anticaduta Capelli Fragili E Diradati 200 Ml 8029041165211
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14.50 11.60
Bionike KS Anti -off is a shampoo suitable for fragile and thinned hair.
Disponibile in 12h
Bioscalin Tricoage & nbsp; è & nbsp; Uno & nbsp; reinforcing shampoo with anti-eth action . Useful when i & nbsp; hair & nbsp; appear & nbsp; purposes and branched. . Leave i & nbsp; soft and full -bodied hair.
Bioscalin Nova Genina Shampoo & Nbsp; è & nbsp; formulated by the anti -anti -relevant research Giuliani for & nbsp; weak hair, without vitality and with a tendency to fall. & nbsp;
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Bioscalin TricoAGE 45+ Shampoo Rinforzante Descrizione Shampoo rinforzante indicato nei casi in cui l'assottigliamento dei capelli nelle donne e il diradamento incidono visibilmente sulla qualità dell'intera capigliatura. Deterge delicatamente cute e capelli senza alterare il film...
Phytolium+ stimulating shampooing for male anti-cadent complement is a shampoo which, thanks to its 93% formula of natural origin, is able to prevent the progression of hair loss.
Ducray Anaphase Shampoo Complemento Anti Caduta 200 Ml 3282770075533
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16.90 13.52
ducray anaphase+ anti -falling complement shampoo, fortifies and revitalizes the hair.
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Mellis Beta Shampoo A Coadiuvante ; Anti -fall, useful assistant treatment in case of ; Androgenetic Alopecia ; and of ; Togen Effluvium
green clay shampoo; and flower extract of; chamomile, particularly suitable for blond or delicate hair,; reinforces and strengthens the hair and exerts a lightening action.
TRINOV SPECIFIVATIVE RETURN SHAMPOO for fragile hair, devitalized and falling subjects, gently cleanses respecting the hydrolipidic film of the scalp
Liperol Plus oil shampoo performs a preventive action against; hair loss. It is possible to;
Alpecin C1 Energizer Shampoo with anti -anti -caffeine stimulates hair growth directly at the root, strengthens weakened roots, prevents hereditary alopecia
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