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In addition to a physiological condition, dry hair can be the result of overly aggressive topical treatments, or the consequence of medication. In any case, when the skin tends to dry out and the fibers appear dull, it is time to switch to a nourishing shampoo that will help restore the proper balance between water and sebum.


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Phyto Joba Rituale Idratante Capelli Secchi Shampoo Idratante 250 Ml + Maschera Idratante 150 Ml 3701436912000
Save 35%
Il  Rituale Idratante Phyto  è utile per idratare intensamente la  fibra capillare  grazie all’azione del Latte di Jojoba di nuova generazione. La confezione contiene uno shampoo Idratante in flacone da 250 ml e una maschera Idratante da 150 ml.
Phyto Phytoelixir Shampoo Nutrimento Intenso 200 Ml 3338221000569
Save 25%
Diponibilità immediata
15.90 11.92
phytoelixir nourishing shampoo creates a delicate foam and spreads a real nutritional elixir on the capillary fiber to give life to the hair without weighing them down. ; gives elasticity and brightness. ;
phyto phytosquam shampoo treating for severe dandruff with itching, with impact action, without giving up the beauty of the hair.
Phyto Phytojoba Shampoo Idratante Capelli Secchi 400 Ml 3338221004239
Save 25%
Diponibilità immediata
11.90 8.92
phyto phytojoba a moisturizing shampoo with a natural formula and without sulphates that gently cleanses the scalp and restores softness and brightness to dry hair, without weighing down. ;
Phyto Phytokeratine Extreme Shampoo, extreme repair and nourishment, for very ruined, dry hair that break.
Phyto Phytojoba Shampoo Idratante 250 Ml 3338221002716
Save 25%
Diponibilità immediata
10.90 8.17
phyto phytojoba moisturizing shampoo ; gently cleanses the scalp and moisturizes dry hair giving softness and brightness, without weighing down.
Diponibilità immediata
Nuxe Reve De Miel Gel Detergente Surgrassante Viso e Corpo 2x400 ml Offerta Speciale, per pelli disidratate e sensibili, rispetta il film idrolipidico e pulisce viso e corpo senza seccare la pelle
Vichy Dercos Shampoo Ultra Lenitivo Capelli Secchi  200 Ml 3337875486736
Save 44%
Diponibilità immediata
14.09 7.90
Vichy Dercos Ultra soothing shampoo is a gel transparent shampo shampo indicated for those with a particularly reactive scalp, it gives healthy, bright and clean hair to soothe the annoyance and itching.
Bionike Defence Hair Shampoo Antiforfora Ds 125 Ml [Clone] [Clone] 8029041163514
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
7.85 6.28
The Bionike Defgence Hair Shampoo Hair is a shampoo with a creamy formula to gently cleanse dry and brittle hair in respect of the skin, even the most sensitive.
AllergeniSenza Glutine
Mardin's shampoo for dry hair, to give vitality and tone to dry, very dry, treated or arid hair, which need a soft and at the same time restorative and nourishing cleansing ordinable on request, delivery times 7 days .
Diponibilità immediata
Ducray Kertyol PSO is a dermocosmetic treatment for scalp with dry psoriatic trendy plaques.
Silium Shampoo repair  è basato su 2 diversi attivi :  Argan  e  Keratina  dal potere  nutriente  e  ristrutturante . E' un trattamento ideale per capelli  sfruttati ,  danneggiati  o  secchi . Dona luminosità e morbidezza al capello per un risultato cosmetico di grande effetto.
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