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Brittle hair appears dry, thin and dull. The use of harsh products, certain environmental factors, and improper use of a hair dryer can damage the hair structure, depriving hair of its vitality. Coloring and bleaching can also ruin hair by making it dull and brittle. The keratin scales of treated hair are lifted, making the fibers more vulnerable. Therefore, brittle and treated hair breaks easily and often forms split ends. Restructuring shampoos for damaged or treated hair are formulated to nourish the fibers, replenish and strengthen the protective cuticle.

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Vichy Dercos Ultra sootive shampoo colored hair is a soothing washing treatment of the scalp, enhances and enhances the beauty of colored hair, suitable for colorful hair sensitized.
Bionike Defence Hair Shampoo Antiforfora Ds 125 Ml [Clone] [Clone] 8029041163514
Save 10%
The Bionike Defgence Hair Shampoo Hair is a shampoo with a creamy formula to gently cleanse dry and brittle hair in respect of the skin, even the most sensitive.
AllergeniSenza Glutine
Vichy Dercos Kera Solutions Shampoo Intensiv Repair 250 Ml 3337875673907
Save 20%
Availability: 19 item(s)
17.79 14.23
Vichy Kera Solutions is a shampoo designed to repair the damage caused by the loss of keratin
Vichy Dercos Nutrients Vitamin Shampoo Illuminante per Capelli Spenti e Opachi 250 ml 3337875595674
Save 20%
Availability: 10 item(s)
16.09 12.87
Vichy Dercos Nutrient Vitamin Lighting Shampoo is suitable for those looking for a remedy for turning off and opaque and want to find a bright hair, soft and full of life
Silium Shampoo Super Blonder Illuminante 250 ml 8021386080617
Save 28%
Availability: 9 item(s)
8.30 5.99
Silium Shampoo Super Blonder  è un trattamento  illuminante  specifico per  capelli biondi . La sua formula rinforza, idrata, nutre e illumina la chioma rendendola morbida, lucente e docile al pettine.
Silium Shampoo Repair Trattamento Ricostruttivo 250 ml 8021386080112
Save 28%
Availability: 5 item(s)
8.30 5.99
Silium Shampoo repair  è basato su 2 diversi attivi :  Argan  e  Keratina  dal potere  nutriente  e  ristrutturante . E' un trattamento ideale per capelli  sfruttati ,  danneggiati  o  secchi . Dona luminosità e morbidezza al capello per un risultato cosmetico di grande effetto.
Arkopharma Forcapil Shampoo Fortificante 200 Ml 3578830847128
Save 10%
Availability: 9 item(s)
12.90 11.61
Arkopharma Forcapil Forting Shampoo has been specially designed to give hair, vitality and protection since the root. sensitive.
Availability: 1 item(s)
phyto phytomlesimeime ; one ; sublimating shampoo of color ; from the delicate foam that protects and preserves the color from the bleeding. ;
Vichy Dercos Nutrients Nutri Protein Shampoo Ristrutturante per Capelli Secchi Crespi e Sfibrati 250 ml 3337875595711
Save 20%
Vichy Dercos Nutrients Nuties Protein Risstructuring Shampoo is suitable for dry hair, frizzy; and tummy due to mechanical attacks such as combs, brush, thermal such as hairdryer and chemicals, aggressive colors.
Bioscalin Nuts Nuts Color Reinforcing Protective Shampoo Color is indicated to enhance and prolong over time the brightness of colored hair, to preserve the hair force and the intense color, for a protective action even complete.
Availability: 1 item(s)
Klorane Shampoo at Melograno ; a fixing, protective, which shampoo; extends hair color.
tricorene shampoo oil, indicated for hair cleansing with a contemporary moisturizing and soothing action of the scalp.
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