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Brittle hair appears dry, thin and dull. The use of harsh products, certain environmental factors, and improper use of a hair dryer can damage the hair structure, depriving hair of its vitality. Coloring and bleaching can also ruin hair by making it dull and brittle. The keratin scales of treated hair are lifted, making the fibers more vulnerable. Therefore, brittle and treated hair breaks easily and often forms split ends. Restructuring shampoos for damaged or treated hair are formulated to nourish the fibers, replenish and strengthen the protective cuticle.

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Guam Upker is a restructuring shampoo that gently washes the hair, with restructuring and repairing action. & Nbsp;
Eubos Med Shampoo is indicated for the protection of bright and devitalized hair.
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Fastcap shampoo dried and brittle hair, this shampoo has a soothing, moisturizing effect and strengthens the hair.
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Klorane Shampoo with Chamomiles an ultra-delicated washer base was enriched with "acconciati" agents who make brightness to unatate the hair with the utmost delicacy and give optimal splendor. ;
Planter's Shampoo Luce Idratante per capelli secchi e sfibrati all'aloe vera protegge e ristruttura i capelli rendoli più forti, luminosi e morbidi anche le capigliature più provate.
Phyto Apaisant Shampoo Trattante Lenitivo 250 Ml Cute Sensibile 3338221003034
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phyto apaisant shampoo sootive treating indicated for sensitive and irritated scalp, calm the itching ; and brings immediate comfort.
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BIOClin Bio Color Protect Shampoo & Nbsp; Gently cleanse the treated hair & nbsp; with aggressive colors and/or treatments, enriched with & nbsp; Argan & Nbsp oil; organic.
Silium Botox Kit Di Ricostruzione Per Capelli Anti Age Effetto Botox 2 Bustine Da 12 Ml Olio E Booster 8021386080204
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Silium Botox Kit is a hair reconstruction treatment, based on two different products: a macadamia fluid with a moisturizing and renovating power and a boost with hyaluronic acid. Ideal treatment for exploited and tone -free hair.
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