White Hair Treatments

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The dermo cosmetic world in recent times has developed numerous remedies to counteract the appearance of white hair.

Today there are specific treatments available on the market that slow down this process.

One of the triggers for the appearance of white hair is definitely genetics, but there are also other factors that can contribute:

- vitamin B12 deficiency, which slows down normal hair development by promoting the appearance of white or gray hair.

- thyroid changes, which can negatively affect hair discoloration.

- smoking, a decidedly negative factor that accelerates the appearance of gray hair.

The best treatments currently available to counteract this type of problem are: 

- Phyto RE30, the first anti-white hair treatment without coloring pigments capable of preserving the hair's natural color for longer by slowing the appearance of age-related dogwood. Thanks to the use of Phyto Re 30, the hair regains beauty, strength and softness. The results are clinically proven: repigmented at the root, the hair regains vigor and elasticity. 

- Labo White Hair, a hair treatment that helps counteract the spread of white hair. Labo White Hair promotes the formation of hair melanin to assist the natural repigmentation of the hair shaft. Dye-free.

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Phyto Violet Shampoo Anti Giallo 250 ml 3701436915742
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12.50 9.37
Phyto Violet Shampoo Anti Giallo 250 ml  è uno shampoo studiato per neutralizzare i riflessi gialli dei capelli grigi, biondi, schiariti, decolorati o con meches.
Phyto Re30 Trattamento Anti Capelli Bianchi 50Ml 3338221002334
Save 25%
Availability: 3 item(s)
49.90 37.42
Phyto Re30 allows you to keep the natural color of the hair for a long time, slowing down the appearance of the canizie related to the eth.
Bionike Shine On Silver Touch Shampoo Tonalizzante 8029041169554
Save 10%
Bionike Shine On Silver Touch; it is a toned shampoo; which gives a bright; silver shade with gray, white, bleached hair; and/or; with meches, neutralizing the; tendency to yellow. ;
AllergeniNickel Tested, Senza Glutine
Phyto Argent anti -yellowing shampoo, adds brilliance and shine to the platinum blonde hair, gray, white and bleached hair.
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