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The layer of skin lining the back of the hands is very thin and over the years tends to mark and thin. The repeated action of water and cleansers leads to a reduction in the hydro-lipid barrier; the skin becomes more reactive and sensitive. The protective film is regenerated fairly quickly but, if the stress to which it is subjected is continuous, it will struggle to recreate itself, leaving the skin unprotected. It will be easier to have chapped, dehydrated and dry hands marked by fine lines. Constant and frequent use of hand creams restores water and nourishment to the skin: redness fades and dehydration lines disappear.

Ontherapy Anti -desquamation cream, specifies to counteract the desquamation of the skin of hands, feet, elbows and knees, in addition to the problems related to the alteration of the nails.
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EUROSPIAL PASTIVAL CREAM REPAIRING HANDS; helps to avoid the formation of; fissures and chapsing; and performs an action; incorrect intensive regenerating on the skin of the hands. ;
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Avene Cicalfate Crema Mani Ristrutturante 100ml 3282779416139
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Avene Cicalfate is a hand cream that repairs, sootes and protects very dry, chapped and irritated hands.
Puressentiel Purificante Sapone Liquido Surgras Azione Antibatterica Mani Viso Corpo 250 Ml 3701056802637
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What is PureSentiel purifying liquid soap surgras puresentiel purifying surgras liquid soap with 98.4% formula of natural origin to the essential oils of lemon, sink and tea tree. Surgras liquid soap cleans with delicacy and protects the skin of the whole family from impurities and germs....
bionike defense b lucity anti spof protective cream spf 50 40 is indicated for skin subject to discolou.
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water from Bolgheri Gold Hand Cream is; A Cream; Dall'a; Slightly citrus fragrance; typical of Bolgheri, specific for the cure of the hands and nails. ;
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What is neutrogenic intense balm reparation - cica neutrogenic intense balm repair cica with Norwegian formula sooths, relieves and protects the Dry skin, with itching , immediately and up to 6 hours, acting as a moisturizing and repairing "bandage". Suitable for body, face...
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M&D-Albe is a cream indicated for the hands, feet and for the whole body. Has a vast application in orthopedics.
Bionike Proxera Crema Nutriente Mani 75Ml 8029041232319
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Bionike Proxera Man & Nbsp cream; it is indicated for & nbsp; dry skins & nbsp; and very dry, it makes le & nbsp; more soft hands & nbsp; and attenuates the discomfort caused by & nbsp; xerosi & nbsp; and cracks, restoring the film hydrolipidic film, hydrating and protecting the skin and protecting the skin and protecting the skin .
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Eucerin UrearePair Plus; it is a hand cream for dry skin; with urea, ceramide and nfm. gives immediate relief and 48 hours of freedom from symptoms with dry, very dry and rough hands. ; Soes, smoothes and softens the skin.
What is Sangen Medical Spray disinfectant skin sangen medical disinfectant spray is u n Biocidal prepared antimicrobial action for the hands.: sangen medical disinfectant spray is practical in every situation where you need to disinfect your hands , in the hospital and...
What is Sangen Medical Disinfectant Gel sangen medical disinfectant gel is a multipurpose hand disinfectant with isopropyl alcohol of at least 75%. biocidal preparation with multipurpose antimicrobial action: - for hands: disinfect, for sanitizing clutch, hands...
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