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The layer of skin lining the back of the hands is very thin and over the years tends to mark and thin. The repeated action of water and cleansers leads to a reduction in the hydro-lipid barrier; the skin becomes more reactive and sensitive. The protective film is regenerated fairly quickly but, if the stress to which it is subjected is continuous, it will struggle to recreate itself, leaving the skin unprotected. It will be easier to have chapped, dehydrated and dry hands marked by fine lines. Constant and frequent use of hand creams restores water and nourishment to the skin: redness fades and dehydration lines disappear.

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Aloevera nourishing and soothing hands cream protects, repairs and gives immediate relief to rough and chapped hands.
ducray melascreen photoinigning spf 50 full hand treatment 50 ml, limits brunette spots
Disponibile in 12h
Dermon Moisturizing Hand Cream with Nourishing and Protective Action for the skin of the Hands.
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Uriage Eau Thermale 50 ml water hand cream, ultra -nutritious treatment enriched with Uriage thermal water that creates an invisible protective film on the hands and fights external aggressions
Dermovitamine Calmilene Hand cream for dermatitis Allergy and irritative contact, prevents dryness, dehydration and the formation of chapping.
Blistex Crema Lenitive Intensive Hand Cream 75ml Sensitive Layers is a cream that gives immediate rehydration and performs a soothing and repairing action on the highly red and chapped hands. Perfume without, also suitable for more sensitive skin.
Disponibile in 12h
Somatoline Lift Effect Cream Hands Repeat the skin from external aggressions and prevents skin spots.
Disponibile in 12h
Blistex Intensive Hand Cream, guarantees immediate rehydration and a soothing and repairing action with highly red and chapped hands. & Nbsp;
Dr Viti Crema Mani Nutriente Protettiva è una crema a base di olio di Argan, burro di Karité, glicerina vegetale, vitamina E. Ideale per pelle screpolata.
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Regalati la fragranza  di zenzero rosso con  Gingembre Rouge di Roger & Gallet  in un cofanetto esclusivo che racchiude: - Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Acqua Profumata 30 ml - Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Saponetta Profumata 100 g - Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Gel Doccia 50 ml -  Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Latte Corpo 50 ml
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