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The feet are a very sensitive area of the body and prone to dermatological problems, such as redness and cracking.

But also to excessive perspiration and bad odor.

Among foot products, we have distinguished anti-chapped cream treatments from deodorant creams and powders. There is no shortage of shoe and foot care accessories.

Svr Xerial 50 Crema Anti-Callosità 3401381382353
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18.00 16.20
SVR XERIAL 50 is a 50% cream with Urea that reduces the calliness and stubborn durons. It also acts on the damaged areas of hands and elbows.
Miconail Patch strong anti-population treatment is a medical device for the practical and fast treatment of mycosis
Master Aid Foot Care Protezione In Gel E Tessuto Per Le Dita Dei Piedi 2 Pz 90X73X2Mm 8032956145285
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Master Aid Foot Care Protection Cover Cover Polymer Gel and Fabric, indicated to protect the surface of the fingers, nails and fingertips from scrolls caused by shoes.
Dermovitamina Filmocare Stick Anti Vesciche 8G 8032738385144
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7.50 6.00
Dermovitamine Filmocate is a stick that prevents the formation of blisters and reduces friction in the areas where the skin is more subject to rubbing.
Master Aid Foot Care Crema Piedi Idratante Riscaldante 75 Ml 8032956144127
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9.70 8.73
Master Aid Foot Care Heating moisturizing feet, suitable for fighting geloni and cold on the feet, generates an immediate feeling of warmth.
Compeed 5 Cerotti Per Vesciche Formato Medio 3663555001457
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Availability: 145 item(s)
9.59 8.63
Competo 5 Tatti for medium -sized blisters, unique treatment for healing and prevention of blisters, gives immediate relief to rubbing pain
Cerave Sa Crema Piedi Rigenerante Per Pelle Molto Secca 88 Ml 3337875597296
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Availability: 12 item(s)
13.50 12.15
Cera Sa Sa cream regenerating feet exfolia and moisturizes to soothe and improve the structure of the compromised skin. He softens the skin and helps to restore the skin barrier of the feet.
Master Aid Paracalli Protettivi Per Nodi E Duroni 4 Pz 8032956145865
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5.35 4.81
Paracalli in schiuma di lattice e adesivo a base di gomma naturale e ossido di zinco.
Cosa è Saltrati Acktiker Crema Cheratolitica Saltriati Acktiker Crema Cheratolitica è un prodotto per callosità localizzate sulle piante dei piedi e sul palmo delle mani. Adatto anche per callosità particolarmente ispessite e persistenti. Come si usa Saltriati Acktiker Crema Cheratolitica...
Master Aid Crioline Cerotto Verruche 12 Pezzi 8032956144059
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11.90 10.71
Master Aid Foot Care Tatch ; Suitable for the ; Removal ; via the chestolithic process of the ; warts ; plantar and palmari.
Fidren Polvere 100 Ml 904734264
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Availability: 5 item(s)
16.00 14.40
Fidren Polvere is an absorbent, deodorant and protective product, protects from humidity and sweat. It is specific for armpits, skin folds, anogenital area, interdigital spaces.
Dermovitamina Ragadi Geloni Crema Mani 75 Ml 8032738384840
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9.50 7.60
Dermovitamine Ragadi Geloni Mani-Pedi cream helps prevent the formation of fissures, chilblains, cracks, rifts and fixing of hands and feet.
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