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ciccarelli timodore salts oxygenated is an & nbsp; Ideal remedy for tired, swollen, painful, crossed and tired ankles.
Saltrati Actidry Crema Antitraspirante 100 Ml 8032738380262
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9.90 7.92
Safe Actidry Anti -training cream a product that fights the formation of bad smells, regulating excessive sweating of the feet.
Disponibile in 12h
Fidren Polvere is an absorbent, deodorant and protective product, protects from humidity and sweat. It is specific for armpits, skin folds, anogenital area, interdigital spaces.
Saltrati Sali Tonificanti Per Pediluvio 400 Gr 8032738380026
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7.50 6.00
toned salts for Pediluvio ; They are indicated for tired, painful, sensitive, crushed, suffering and swollen feet for the effort or influence of temperature.
Borotalco Polvere 100 G 8002410040043
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1.89 1.51
borotalco dust; it is a very fine dust of; natural talc, it is characterized by the unparalleled quality of its formulation. His; absorbent, refreshing and velvety properties. ;
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Ciccarelli Timodore is a useful cream in case of excessive perspiration, maceration, bad smell of the foot. & Nbsp;
dr. Sholl Fresh Step Spray is the only deodorant for shoes & nbsp; allows a double action: antibacterial and antifungal, to eliminate bacteria and mushrooms, which are the cause of the bad smells of the shoes. & Nbsp;
Disponibile in 12h
5 dust trophic; it consists of a mixture of dust, which carries out various complementary actions:; Adsorbent, anti -training, anti -odor and emollient, indicated for; skin areas, such as the armpits, the skin folds, the perianogenital area, the interdigital areas of the feet.
Akileine Cream for anti -smelling anti -smelling feet helps to improve excessive breathing of the feet and unpleasant odors.
Diponibilità immediata
Cicarelli Timodore deodorant powder has refreshing power, prevents and absorbs the bad smell, regulates the breathability of the skin while keeping the foot fresh and dry throughout the day. & Nbsp;
dr. Scholl Fresh Step Dust deodorant feet and shoes neutralize the smells and keep my feet fresh.
Nok San Polvere deodorant dust has a high absorbent power, protects for a long time from bad smells and gives hygiene and freshness throughout the day.
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