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EnerZona is the Enervit line

consisting of a series of products designed specifically for achieving physical and mental well-being.
The EnerZona Diet is a hormone-control program ideal for all people who want to stay healthy and live longer!
The Enerzona Diet allows you to use excess fat as a source of energy.

In this subcategory you can find all EnerZona products.

Enerzona Pasto Istantaneo Al Gusto Fragola-Yogurt Con Fragole In Pezzi 8007640813108
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4.00 3.60
Enerzona Meal Shake is an instant meal enriched with magnesium, with a pleasant and delicate taste, based on serum protein of milk and fructose. It does not contain dyes and preservatives. The content of an envelope dissolved in 150 ml of partially skimmed water or milk provides the ratio between carbohydrates, proteins and fats, 40-30-30 in calories.
Enerzona Frollini 40-30-30 All'Avena 250G 8007640930270
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Availability: 50 item(s)
6.90 6.21
The Enerzona shorts with ancient cereals are crunchy and from the high protein content, born from an exclusive Enerzona selection of cereals, with extra virgin olive oil.
Enerzona Frollini 40-30-30 Al Cocco 250G 8007640930041
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Availability: 6 item(s)
6.90 6.21
Enerzona shortbread 40-30-30 with extra virgin olive oil, they bring carbohydrates and proteins and prolong the feeling of satiet. Coconut taste.
AllergeniSenza Lattosio
Enerzona Protein Flakes 224 G 8007640912825
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Availability: 5 item(s)
17.90 16.11
Enerzona Balance Protein Flakes are protein soy flakes with a neutral taste to balance breakfasts and meals.
Regime AlimentareVegetariano
Enerzona Cracker Salato 40-30-30 Al Farro Ricetta Mediterannea 8007640934520
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Availability: 14 item(s)
7.90 7.11
Enerzona Balance is an ideal salty snack for a snack -meter day or to accompany meals. 100% vegetable. Source of protein. Source of fiber.
Enerzona Minirock Snack Di Soia E Cioccolato Fondente 24G 8007640972560
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Availability: 11 item(s)
2.20 1.98
Enerzona MiniRock Snack of soy and 24g dark chocolate, soy snack covered with dark chocolate
Tasty snack already balanced according to the calorie division 40% carbohydrates â € “30% protein â €“ 30% fat
Enerzona Snack Bar to taste orange and chocolate 1 pcs, 1 bar from 1 Ener block zone Gusto orange dark chocolate, with a brand new soft texture that includes crispies at the same time.
Ideal away from home, the Crispy Vanilla Snack Bar In Enerzona is balanced according to the calorie distribution 40% carbohydrates â € "30% protein â €" 30% fat
Enerzons Pasto Istantaneo Al Gusto Cioccolato 8007640813306
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4.00 3.60
What is dissolving the content of an envelope in 150 ml of partially skimmed milk, a very pleasant Milk Shake is obtained what the protein component contains is based on the serum proteins obtained for microfiltration ...
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