Supplements for the well-being of the respiratory system

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Integratori per le vie respiratorie dei bambini

Benvenuto su | La Tua Farmacia Online nella categoria dedicata agli integratori per il sistema immunitario dei bambini.

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Grintuss Pediatric quickly calms both daytime and night cough, particularly frequent in the child. Suitable from 1 year.
AllergeniSenza Glutine
BimboTuss Integratore per le Prime Vie Respiratorie 100 ml sciroppo 933945038
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Bimbotuss is a food supplement of vitamin C and zinc; with propolis and plant extracts of ivy, mauve and errone in case of deficiency or increased needs of these nutrients. ;
Puressentiel Respirazione Sinus Express Integratore Alimentare Per Sinusite 15 Compresse 3701056803207
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Cos'è Puressentiel Respirazione Sinus Express Integratore Alimentare per Sinusite 15 Compresse Puressentiel Respirazione Sinus Express  è un integratore alimentare che ha il ruolo di liberare il naso dalla sinusite . I 4 oli essenziali che compongono questo integratore alimentare...
Esi Omega 3 Extra Pure Integratore Con Omega 3 E Vitamina E 120 Perle [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] 8008843133338
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What is Immunoflor Junior dry and fatty coughs 150 ml performers Immunoflor junior cough is a medical insurance with a strong balsamic component, formulated to modulate the cough without inhibiting it . immunilflor junior syrup cough in case of fatty cough hydrates the mucous...
DetraibileSi AllergeniSenza Lattosio, Senza Glutine
Boiron Propolis Spray Bambino Integratore Alimentare Di Propoli 15 Ml 8052432890812
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9.90 7.92
Boiron Propolis Spray  è un integratore alimentare a base di propoli, zinco e riboflavina. Aroma menta. Contiene in natura zuccheri. Adatto ai vegetariani.
DetraibileNO AllergeniSenza zuccheri aggiunti, Senza Lattosio, Senza Glutine
Epid Junior 30 Compresse New 8002738801586
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What is Epid Propoli Plus Junior Food Supplement for the well -being of the throat 30 tablets Epid Propoli Plus Junior is a food supplement for children with agrimia useful for Wellness of the throat and full of vitamin C. without gluten . > Our pharmacists recommend the...
DetraibileNO AllergeniSenza Glutine
Novatuss Kids A Altea -based syrup useful for the well -being of the throat and mucore of the children's respiratory system.
Flubexin Sed Sciroppo 200 Ml [Clone] 934024579
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Flubexin Junior Siroppo; it is a food complement indicated to contribute to the fluidity of the bronchial secretions and to the functionality of the mucous membranes; of the respiratory system.
Pharmalife Broncamil Concentrato Fluido Integratore Alimentare Per Bambini 200 Ml 8032578470031
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Fluid concentrated bronchcamel a food complement with balsamic plant extracts for the well -being of the throat and nose of the children. Ideal especially for prolonged use during the winter.
AllergeniSenza Glutine
Aceflù Smp Integratore Per Le Vie Aeree Superiori 10 Bustine 931781506
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15.50 13.95
acefl & ugrave; smp Food complement useful to encourage physiological functionality & agrave; of the upper airways. ingredients L-acetylcysteine; C vitamin; Althea (Althea Officinaiis l, root) dry extract 1: 4; Pineapple (Ananas Sat & Igrave; Vus L., fruit) dry extract 250 gdu...
Tusseval Flu Marco Viti Integratore Alimentare Per Le Vie Respiratorie 12 Bustine [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] 8050519571265
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Tusseval Flu Marco Viti è un integratore alimentare a base di N-Acetil Cisteina, Metil-Sulfonil-Metano e con Drosera per favorire la fluidità delle secrezioni bronchiali.
apropos children non -alcoholic extract of propolis food supplement for the well -being of nose and throat.
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