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Le tinture, i colpi di sole, le permanenti, gli squilibri ormonali, i periodi di stress, l'avanzare dell'età ed i fattori genetici sono le principali cause della perdita ed indebolimento dei capelli. In questa sottocategoria troverete degli integratori alimentari in grado di stimolare la ricrescita e frenare la caduta dei capelli. 

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Swisse Beauty Strong Hair Man is the Swisse food supplement that helps the hair always be healthy and strong.
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Swisse Beauty hair; Strong Woman is a food supplement, a complex rich in nutrients, which combines vitamins, minerals and extracts of natural herbs, useful for maintaining the strength of the hair.
Swisse Beauty Sublime Hair is the Swisse food supplement, a unique multitimate combination with vitamins, minerals and ingredients of natural origin that feeds the beauty of your hair from the internal because they remain healthy and bright. >
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