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Le tinture, i colpi di sole, le permanenti, gli squilibri ormonali, i periodi di stress, l'avanzare dell'età ed i fattori genetici sono le principali cause della perdita ed indebolimento dei capelli. In questa sottocategoria troverete degli integratori alimentari in grado di stimolare la ricrescita e frenare la caduta dei capelli. 

Gold Collagen with 18 active ingredients favors the beauty and growth of hair, supports the immune system and promotes the health of the skin and nails.
Phyto Phytophanere Integratore Alimentare Capelli E Unghie 1+1 180 Capsule 3338221400352
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Phyto Phanere a food supplement that contributes to maintaining nails and hair in good health.
Bionike Defence Ks In & Out Trattamento Anticaduta Intensivo Uomo Donna [Clone] 8029041165891
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Bionike DefeNCE KS TRICO SAFE is a topical anti -falling treatment to maintain healthy and vital hair.
AllergeniNickel Tested, Senza Glutine
Gold Collagen Defgence is a food supplement that helps to strengthen the immune system and keep the skin, nails and healthy hair.
AllergeniSenza Zuccheri, Senza Lattosio, Senza Glutine Regime AlimentareVegano, Vegetariano
Goovi Integratore Capelli  e U nghie  60 compresse è un integratore alimentare ideale in caso di  unghie fragili e capelli indeboliti  e/o disidratati. A base di  Cistina, Serina, Glutammina, Treonina, Glicina, Arginina, Metionina, Minerali, Vitamine  e polvere del frutto di Avocado.
DetraibileNO AllergeniSenza Lattosio, Senza Glutine
what is Bioscalin tricoage 50+ food supplement for 30 tablets bioscalin tricoage is a specifically formulated food supplement to provide the hair nutrients important for their trophism (Ajuga Reptons, biotin, zinc) and their beauty....
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Bioscalin Tricoage 30 Capsule Prezzo Speciale 974898583
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BIOSCALIN TricoAGE45+ Compresse Descrizione Integratore alimentare che agisce dall'interno, apportando nutrienti selezionati ai capelli e al cuoio capelluto: -BioEquolo: complesso brevettato di origine naturale costituito da soia fermentata e Ajuga reptans (estratto secco), attivo utile...
DetraibileNO AllergeniSenza Glutine
what is hair and nails herbamea Erbamea is a food supplement that helps to fight the fragility and the thinning excessive hair , as well as the weakness nails , helping to...
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Swisse Beauty Strong Hair Man is the Swisse food supplement that helps the hair always be healthy and strong.
ducray Anacaps Reactiv & Nbsp; It is an & nbsp; food supplement & nbsp; which contributes to & nbsp; hair health. & Nbsp;
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Cistase is a food supplement adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss and reinforcement of the renovation of the skin annexes (nails and hair).
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Decaderme Plus is in a food supplement useful for & nbsp; a support and ticening action for the well -being of hair and nails.
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