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Puressentiel Sos Roller Mal Di Testa Ai  9 Oli Essenziali 5 Ml 3401544695443
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PureSentiel Sos Roller headache at the 9 essential oils 5 ml, helps to calm the headache and relax the neck and shoulders tensions.
Cefalstop Integratore Per Gli Stati Di Tensione Localizzati 30 Compresse 8058456782683
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What is Calfalstop supplement for the states of voltage localized Cefalstop is a food supplement based on ginger, Partenio, Escolzia, Ginkgo Biloba and Caffeine. Ginger and Partenio contrast localized states of tension and the disorders of the menstrual cycle and contribute to the joint...
Biosterine Relief Achead 12 compresse 8057968090156
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19.90 17.91
Biosterine Relief Achead 12 compresse è un integratore alimentare a base di estratti vegetali, in grado di favorire l’equilibrio fisiologico per un’azione calmante in presenza di mal di testa.
Biocephal Integratore Cefalea 30 capsule 904425244
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Biocephal description Food supplement based on Nicotinamide, Riboflavin, Rhodiola Rosea, Vitis Vinifera capable of counteracting some biochemical mechanisms that are At the basis of reactive diseases such as headache, neuralgias and dysmenorrhea related to the uncontrolled production...
Partena Integratore Alimentare Per Emicrania 28 Compresse 933454213
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27.50 24.75
Partena, a food supplement for migraine prophylaxis, nociceptive modulation and the reduction of states of muscle tension