Prodotti per diabetici

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Il diabete è una malattia cronica caratterizzata dall'aumento della concentrazione di glucosio nel sangue.

Questo fenomeno è causato da un difetto di insulina, che consente all'organismo di utilizzare il glucosio per i processi energetici all'interno delle cellule.

I prodotti per diabetici coadiuvano il fisiologico metabolismo del glucosio, mantenendone in equilibrio i livelli nel sangue.

Chromitron; is a food supplement particularly indicated in cases of high blood sugar, when the symptoms of diabetes occur,; In cases of insulin resistance, when it is necessary to enhance the action of insulin.
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Chirofol 500 is a useful food supplement in case of disorders associated with polycystic ovary syndrome.
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Eumetab is a supplement designed for people who suffer from high blood sugar and who risk the onset of diabetes.
Myoxin gold food supplement 30 sachets, useful in the process of division of cells, contributes to the normal metabolism of macronutrients and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels, useful in particular for women in fertile et worlds for the presence of folic acid
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Solgar Fito-Glucose Factors Integratore Alimentare 60 Tavolette, favorisce il metabolismo del glucosio, mantenendone i livelli in equilibrio nel sangue
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Chirofol 1000 mg 16 tablets, did-chiro-inositol based food supplement, folic acid and manganese
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Dulcogas granules 18 mint taste bags, promotes the elimination of gas from the intestine, fights the feeling of swelling and helps prevent flatulence
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Pharmalife Glicefit Food supplement 60 tablets, supplement useful for the physiological metabolism of carbohydrates and the decrease in the glycemic rate