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Gli integratori drenanti sono integratori alimentari a base di principi attivi vegetali in grado di favorire l'eliminazione dei liquidi in eccesso. La ritenzione liquida è quasi sempre associata alla comparsa della cellulite, alla sensazione di gonfiore e di pesantezza lungo gli arti inferiori. Gli integratori drenanti sono disponibili sia in forma liquida che solida. A chi preferisce le compresse raccomandiamo di bere molta acqua affinché i principi attivi possano svolgere efficacemente la loro azione drenante.

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Pure Encapsulations Bromelina is an hypoallergenic food supplement (Free-From) containing the vegetable extract of pineapple useful against cellulite imperfections, and to encourage gastrointestinal balance thanks to its properties
DetraibileNO AllergeniSenza Lattosio, Senza Glutine
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What is Premum Drenante Mini Drink Ananas taste 15 sachets premum draining mini drink is a food supplement specially formulated with Pilosella plant extracts , Orthosiphon, Tarassaco, Solidago, Birch, Meliloto and Pineapple that act in synergy for the drainage of body liquids and...
Lenidase Integratore Alimentare Per Le Difese Dell'Organismo 20 Compresse 930544438
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Lenidase a food supplement for the body's defenses can help improve the functionality of the microcirculation and can favor the drainage of body liquids.
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Boiron Depurazione Cynaria Taraxacum Fumaria è un integratore alimentare a base di estratti vegetali.
Futurase Bf Integratore Alimentare 10 Bustine 927118075
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Futurase bf & nbsp; it is a & nbsp; food supplement & nbsp; useful for the drainage of body liquids.
Zentiva Zeflavon 500 Mg Per Insufficienza Venosa 30 Compresse  982753600
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Zefavlon Drena description Food supplement of Diosmina and Teperidina, in a micronized form, and meliot. Micronized technology favors more absorption; Complete and fast and a pi & ugrave effect; Quick. Its specific composition enriched with Meliloto favors: - Functionit & Agrave; of...
PEAMAX is a food supplement useful for the treatment of joint pain, even in the case of swelling and edema.
Aboca Fitomagra Lynfase Con Adipodren 12 Flaconcini Monodose 8032472021452
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Fitomagra Lynfase aboco with Adipodren 12 single -dose vials, food supplement for vascular well -being and drainage of body liquids
Diurerbe Forte Integratore Alimentare 40 Tavolette 8008843002894
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Forte diurerbe is a food supplement that favors the elimination of excess liquids, reintegrating the mineral salts.
AllergeniSenza Lattosio, Senza Glutine
Biodrain Integratore Alimentare 90 Compresse 5021807390014
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BIODRAIN Food supplement, purify and eliminates the flower slags.
DetraibileNO AllergeniSenza Zuccheri, senza soia, Senza Lattosio, Senza Glutine
Biodrain Integratore Alimentare 180 Compresse 5021807390021
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DetraibileNO AllergeniSenza Zuccheri, senza soia, Senza Lattosio, Senza Glutine
Kos Acai Estratto Secco Integratore Antiossidante 60 Compresse [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] 976337764
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Bromeline; it is a vegetable enzyme contained in the fruit and in the stem of pineapple, characterized by a prevalent proteolytic activity. Useful for the drainage of body liquids, contrast of cellulite imperfections and digestive function.
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