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Pic Air Easy On Aerosol Compatto E Portatile A8058090043430
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69.00 55.20
What is Pic Air Easy On Aerosol Pic Air Easy On is a aerosol wearable, compact, light and silent . Its very small weight and sizes make it easily applicable on the face and your hands are free. Very easy to transport and use in any condition. It works powered by the devices with USB...
Pic Air Family Evolution Aerosol is a product designed for the whole family capable of combining design, practicality and versatility.
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Maschera  indicata per  l'aerosolterapia  dei più piccoli.
Omron C101 Essentiel Compressor Nebulizer ; intended to be used ; for the inhalation of drugs ; for the treatment of ; respiratory disorders
Kit composto da: Nasale per ampolla e raccordo per nasale. Il kit nasale con raccordo viene usato insieme all’ampolla per eseguire l’aerosol terapia nel trattamento di asma bronchiale, bronchiti croniche, enfisema polmonare, fibrosi cistica e altre patologie respiratorie.
Kit accessori apparecchio per aerosolterapia Soffio Cube.
Master Aid Dynamic Aerosol 8032956143090
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95.00 66.50
Masterd Aid Dynamic+ Piston aerosol device indicated for the therapeutic needs of the whole family, light and practical to use.
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Ampolla a doppio effetto Venturi, con prestazioni sovrapponibili a quelle della Mefar 2000, ma vita media piú breve. Migliora notevolmente le prestazioni di apparecchi a pressione e flussi bassi.
Air Liquide L’Espace è la camera distanziatrice pensata per facilitare la terapia dell’asma per tutti i pazienti. L’Espace infatti permette di ridurre drasticamente la deposizione a livello orofaringeo e favorendo la coordinazione tra l’erogazione dello spray predosato e l’inalazione.
Disponibile in 12h
Rinowash an ampoule for the high respiratory tract, ideal for treatment, both with drugs and with physiological solutions, of rhinitis, rino-sanusiti, nasal polypostations, adenidites and tube-timp.
What is Air liquids the Espace Room spacer for spray predosate yellow children 2-6 years 1 pc Air liquid the Espace is the spacer chamber designed to facilitate the therapy of asthma For all patients. Espace in fact allows to drastically reduce the deposition to the Oroophery level...
DetraibileSi AllergeniSenza Lattice
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Maschera  oronasale per  adulti  per apparecchi  aerosol .
DetraibileSi AllergeniSenza Lattice
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