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The quick antigenic self-test for the search for the Sars-Cov-2 virus; Boson is a test; Immunocromatographic for rapid quality detection of the antigen of the SARS COV-2 virus in front nasal buffer. This test is; recorded at the Ministry of Health with registration; min. Sal. N ° 2089498, CE 0123 marking,; ; Diagnostic sensitivity: 96.77. Diagnostic specificity: 99.20%
Clearblue Plus Test Di Gravidanza A Rilevazione Rapida 1 Stick 5011321741669
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19.89 13.92
The pregnancy test & nbsp; Clearblue rapid survey & nbsp; it was designed to offer a simple product to use with the possibility of obtaining a quick result in 1 minute.
Test Strap A - Quick Test For Stream To 20 Stripes For Analysis On Pharyngeal Buffer
Screen Check Test Vaginale  è un  dispositivo medico  diagnostico in vitro CE 0123. Test rapido per la  determinazione semi-quantitativa del pH nei campioni di tamponi vaginali femminili.
Mytest Celiachia Kit 7640164863603
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15.70 12.56
Mytest Celiacia is a rapid immunocromatographic test for the detection of anti-dgp antibodies both IgA class and IgG class on whole blood for the screening of celiac disease.
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PIC Personal Test Autodiagnostic of pregnancy 1 pcs, quick diagnostic test to be performed at home in total autonomy, capable of establishing if there is an ongoing pregnancy
Stream A is; a quick test for streptococcus that provides accurate results in a few minutes.
Clearblue Test Di Gravidanza Plus 2 Stick 5011321741683
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28.66 20.06
il & nbsp; pregnancy test & nbsp; Clearblue rapid survey & nbsp; it is designed to offer a simple product to use with the possibility of obtaining an & nbsp; quick result in 1 minute. & nbsp;
ClearBlue Test Di Gravidanza Early 1 Test 8001090036742
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Availability: 81 item(s)
21.05 14.73
Clearblue pregnancy test Early 1 test, easy to use with early detection
Gse Test HP Autodiagnosi Helicobacter Pylori 971323718
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9.80 8.82
Gse Test Hp
Availability: 1 item(s)
Screen Droga Test Anfetamine
Medisafe Terumo Fit Disco Glicemia 25 Pezzi 934036942
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Availability: 3 item(s)
36.70 33.03
Medisafe Fit Disco Glicemia 25
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