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Master Aid Contenitore Per La Raccolta Delle Feci 1 Pz 60 Ml 8032956143694
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Master AID container for the collection of feces, useful for cover analysis.
Master Aid Silvercross Sterile Urine Container 120 Ml 8032956143793
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sterile container master for the collection of urine.
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What is a line F container for urine collection 120 ml container intended for the collection of urine. Graduated up to 100 ml. Perfectly seal screw cap with integrated device for withdrawal with vacuum type tube. Accompanied by self -adhesive label. how to use urine collection container...
Sacca Raccolta  Urine 2lt 90cm 30pz
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Pic container for disposable feces 1 pcs 60 ml, container for feces analysis with a teaspoon of collection.
Master Aid Contenitore Graduato Per La Raccolta Delle Urine 24 Ore 8032956143687
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Master AID Graduated container for 24 -hour urine collection, useful for the collection of urine
Med S Bio Steril Collector for Feci sample. The container guarantees the collection of maximum 40 ml of feces.
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Pic 24h Box ; Una ; container for the urine ; 24h with open and close cap and graduated scale, suitable for containing urine and perform laboratory analyzes.
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Master & Bull; Aid Container For the Urine collection product for the analysis of urine and organic fluids, with graduated scale and lid Vite. equipped with a pre -application adhesive label, for the identification of the sample. Sterilized Beta Raggi. Instructions for use...
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Silvercross sterile container for urine, for use of analysis
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F sterilized collector For the analysis of the urine test container for urine, sterile, in plastic, resistant and transparent material. format 150 ml. cod. 309343
Urine container modalit & agrave; use Open the protective wrapping. Collect l & rsquo; urine in the container and closely close with the screw cap. to the analysis laboratory. In case of leakage of the content from the container, use gloves. Do not open the package before the &...
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