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BlephadeModex are disposable sterile gauze for daily hygiene of the eyelids. Relieves the symptoms of the infection or inflammation of the eyelids caused by Demodex. It cleans crusts, dandruff, impurities and infectious agents on eyelids and eyelashes.
Hyabak 0.15% Soluzione Oftalmica 10 Ml 8470001570260
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
16.50 13.20
Hyabak Hypotonic 0.15% A useful ophthal solution to humidify and lubricate the eye in case of dryness or feeling of eye fatigue.
bleasol micellar solution indicated for daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids, particularly of the eyelid free edge.
Blephasol Micellar Lotion is recommended for daily hygiene of sensitive and more particularly particularly, leaning edge. free edge
Disponibile in 12h
Disponibile in 12h
Thealoz duo Ocular solution, protection, hydration and lubrication of the eyes in the treatment of dry eye syndrome, of moderate to severe entities.
Diponibilità immediata
Hydrabak Soluzione Oftalmica 10 Ml 902010848
Save 31%
Disponibile in 12h
22.00 15.15
Hydrabak; it's a solution; For contact lens carriers in order to improve the comfort of those who bring them.
Hyabac Ud Soluzione Per La Cura Quotidiana Dell'Occhio 10 Contenitori Monodose 979869029
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
11.00 8.80
HYACAC UD is a useful hypotoic solution to give immediate relief and make your eyes more comfortable for the whole; day.
Blephaclean Igiene Delle Palpebre 20 Garze Sterili Monouso 903569287
Save 20%
Blephaclean Garze Oculari & Nbsp; they are suitable for & nbsp; cleaning of the eyelids & nbsp; and of the & nbsp; expert skin and allow & nbsp; eliminate secretions and crusts from the eyelashes without irritating the eyes. & nbsp;
Diponibilità immediata
Hyabak 0.15% I hypotonic 5 ml ophthalmic solution, for hydration and lubrication of the eye and contact lenses.
Blephagel Gel Sterile Igiene Di Palpebre E Ciglia 30 G 930174091
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
15.00 12.00
Blephagel Sterile Gel Hygiene of eyelids and eyelashes, indicated in case of dry eye, damage to the eye and eyelids, in the event of surgery, and also for bearers of contact lenses.
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