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Zymerex Ibs irritable colon contributes to reducing the symptoms of the irritable intestine, normalizes the intestinal bacterial flora and helps to reduce abdominal swelling.
Zymerex Regola Integratore Per La Costipazione 12 Supposte 8059602150028
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11.90 9.52
Zymerex is a medical device; indicated for the problems of; constipation and constipation.
Zymerex Regola Integratore Per La Costipazione 6 Supposte 8059602150011
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7.90 6.32
Zymerex is a medical device; indicated for the problems of; constipation and constipation.
Transita Microlax Pediatric 6 Microlax 3G 8051490301438
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9.90 7.92
what is microlax pediatric 6 disposable microclic microclices of 3 g Transita microlax Pediatric is a medical device with laxative activity that combine the evacuating action of glycerol with the protective action on the rectal mucosa of MoVisoft, a complex of natural, antioxidant and...
Melilax Supposte Naturali 12 Supposte 979848064
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Melilax Supposal is a product that promotes evacuation and contrasts inflammation. For chronic or occasional constipation and difficult and painful evacuation.
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Prospidol description medical device based on plant extracts useful as a adjuvant in the treatments aimed at maintaining the owners of property & agrave; of the prostate gland or known for the owners & agrave; beneficial on the functions of the urinary system. The product & egrave;...
What is Daylax food supplement syrup for constipation 100 tablets daylax tablets is a useful food supplement in case of constipation occasional , obstinate constipation in adults and children . based of plant extracts such as liquorice, anise, fennel, mauve,...
Aboca Melilax Adulti  6 Microclismi 932501392
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10.20 8.16
Aboca Melilax adults is indicated in the treatment of constipation, even in the presence of fissures and hemorrhoids.
Disponibile in 12h
flax seeds,; in contact with water in the stomach, form a sort of mucilage that softens the feces and increases its volume. An increase that stimulates peristalsis, that is, the expulsion of the feces from part of the intestine. ;
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Zeopan is a medical device intended for the treatment of alvo disorders such as constipation and/or diarrhea, induced by intolerance and/or chronic poisoning from metals. ;
AllergeniSenza Glutine
Onligol 20 Bustine [Clone] 930285008
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18.95 15.16
Onligol is a medical device with a laxative action, which thanks to its components is particularly indicated in chronic constipation, it also manages to regularize the intestine
Disponibile in 12h
Vitilax è un integratore alimentare a base di erbe, rese in polvere e pressate, utile per favorire le fisiologiche funzioni intestinali.
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