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Puressentiel Bio Igiene Intima Gel Lavante Delicato 500 Ml 3701056800190
Save 53%
Diponibilità immediata
16.90 7.99
PureSentiel Gel Gel Intimate Hygiene with ultra delicate washing base without soap and ; Physiological pH, gently cleanses respecting the sensitivity and balance of the intimate parts.
Saugella Attiva Ph 3,5 Detergente Intimo 250 Ml Ad Azione Antibatterica E Antimicotica 8019629000171
Save 20%
Saucella active PH 3.5 An intimate detergent with natural antibacterial and antifungal action.
Disponibile in 12h
Tena Pants Maxi is an absorbent diapers that offers triple protection from losses, smells and sensation of wet on the skin and thanks to the thin anatomical form provides high level of comfort and discretion.
Diponibilità immediata
neoxen vaginal lavender prevents and protects from vaginal infections through effective intimate hygiene.
Disponibile in 12h
Tampax & Go Super is an internal absorbent with smooth plastic applicator, non -slip socket and rounded tip., indicated for medium flow.
Saugella Attiva Lavanda Vaginale Monodose 4 Flaconi Da 140 Ml 904589761
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
12.50 10.00
Saucella vaginal lavender of active, performs antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and anti -inflammatory action.
Diponibilità immediata
Intimate cleansing removal of Micosciuma is indicated in all those situation where it is useful to associate an antibacterial activity with a cleansing action.
Diponibilità immediata
Saucella Idraserum A daily underwear indicated for the sensitivity caused by aggressive detergents or too frequent washing.
Saugella Man ; a detergent ; specific for body and intimate hygiene ; male ; daily.
Florgel Per Vaginite - Vaginosi Batterica 50Ml 8016867014526
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
15.30 12.24
Flornel is effective in the presence of bacterial vaginitis and vaginous in preventing and relief to the disorders related to them such as; losses, sensations of itching, irritation, sensitivity, redness and pain.
Saugella Poligyn Salviette 10 Bust 906675311
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
5.00 4.00
Sabbuute wipes of Saugella Poligyn, based on chamomile extract, with an effective refreshing and soothing action.
Diponibilità immediata
SAGELLA Activates Pyntime Detergent Wipes, they are wipes that perform a cleansing and protective action.
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