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Tampax & Go Super is an internal absorbent with smooth plastic applicator, non -slip socket and rounded tip., indicated for medium flow.
Tena Men Protezione Assorbente Maschile Livello 1 Light 12 Pezzi 7322540426335
Save 10%
Availability: 92 item(s)
5.80 5.22
. Men protection is an ideal subtle absorbent for small male losses.
Ob Procomfort Mini 16 Tamponi 4001683011426
Save 10%
Availability: 34 item(s)
6.58 5.92
ob procomfort mini 16 swabs, easy insertion, reliable protection
Lady Star are absorbent in hypoallergenic, biological cotton and without chemical agents, to respect your natural pH. Also for the most delicate skin.
Tena Men Active Fit Pants Colore Blu Navy Taglia M 9 Pezzi 7322540887624
Save 10%
Availability: 7 item(s)
11.60 10.44
Tena Men Active Fit Pants are men's absorbent underpants to effectively block losses.
Omeovita Pharma Coppetta Mestruale Taglia M Con Sacchetto Cotone 8055519860388
Save 10%
Availability: 10 item(s)
19.90 17.91
La  Coppetta Mestruale Omeovita Pharma  è progettata per le donne, si adatta a  tutti i tipi di flusso  ed è costituita al 100% da silicone medicale, un materiale  ipoallergenico  e flessibile che dona massima libertà e  comfort  tutti i giorni del ciclo.
Ob Organic Normal Tamponi Assorbenti 16 Pz 3574661610900
Save 10%
Availability: 5 item(s)
7.86 7.07
Il tampone O.B. Organic, oltre ad essere completamente privo di plastica dalla punta al cordino, è realizzato al 100% in cotone biologico certificato per garantire una protezione naturale.
Lady Presteril Cotton Power 24 Proteggislip Pocket 8016867003636
Save 10%
Availability: 31 item(s)
3.90 3.51
Lady presteril Protaggislip in pure cotton, hypoallergenic, guarantee dry and protection.
Tena Men Protezione Assorbente Maschile Livello 3 Super 8 Pezzi 7322540560602
Save 10%
Availability: 33 item(s)
7.00 6.30
Tena Men Absorbent Protection is a male absorbent with super useful absorbency for male losses, from moderate to heavy.
Saugella Cotton Touch Assorbenti Notte Con Ali 12 Pezzi 930856125
Save 25%
Availability: 603 item(s)
5.20 3.90
Saucella Cotton Touch night absorbent with 12 pieces, covered in pure cotton hydrophilic, hypoallergenic
Lady Presteril Assorbenti Giorno Con Ali Ripiegati Biodegradabili 10 Pezzi 8016867003612
Save 10%
what is the 100% lady pure cotton protection 10 absorbent day with wings for the needs of more sensitive and delicate women, is born & nbsp; lady presteril 100% cotton, absorbent with wings for the day & nbsp; subtle and hypoallergenic that guarantee you an...
Saucella Cotton Touch Absorbent day with 14 pieces, covered in pure cotton hydrophilic, hypoallergenic
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