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Saugella Dermoliquido 10 Salviettine Detergenti 8019629000140
Save 10%
Availability: 9 item(s)
4.50 4.05
Saucella dermalquid wipes in soft resistant fabric soaked in a detergent solution based on Salvia Officinalis extract. They guarantee effective intimate hygiene and fresh well -being even outside the home.
Saugella Attiva Salviettine Intime Detergenti 15 Salviette 937492902
Save 10%
Availability: 102 item(s)
5.50 4.95
SAGELLA Activates Pyntime Detergent Wipes, they are wipes that perform a cleansing and protective action.
Saugella Poligyn Salviette 10 Bust 906675311
Save 10%
Availability: 56 item(s)
5.00 4.50
Sabbuute wipes of Saugella Poligyn, based on chamomile extract, with an effective refreshing and soothing action.
Acqua Di Bolgheri Salviette Profumate Oro 5 Salviette Monouso 8032380026938
Save 30%
Availability: 5 item(s)
5.00 3.50
Bolgheri water perfumed, refreshing, moisturizing and emollient wipes. Suitable for all moments, at home and outside.
Dermovitamina Proctocare Salviettine Detergenti Per La Detersione Proctologica Anche In Caso Di Emorroidi 15 Pz 8032738385519
Save 30%
Dermovitamine Procutococa wipes detergent are sheds soaked for procortological cleansing even in the case of hemorrhoids and guarantee hygiene and freshness without causing irritation, thanks to the soft tissue and the dermatologically tested solution.
Mustela Bebe Face Wipes 25 Pieces 3504105037864
Save 14%
Availability: 65 item(s)
3.50 3.00
Mustela Bebe Face Wipes 25 Pieces, soothing and emollient wipes for baby's face
Puressentiel Intimate Hygiene 25 Refreshing And Cleansing Wipes 3701056803030
Save 20%
Availability: 17 item(s)
8.90 7.12
What is PureSentiel Intimate Hygiene 25 Refreshing and detergent wipes pure intimate wipes determine and gently refresh the intimate parts, while they hydrate. They limit unpleasant odors and calm the unpleasant sensations. Thanks to their practical, compact format, allows you to...
Pet in Pharma Milleiuste detergent wipes are humidified sanitizing wipes with antibacterial, pleasantly soft and fragrant, with a cleansing and sanitizing action and at the same time delicate on the skin of adults and children.
Acqua Di Bolgheri Salviette Profumate Idratanti Detergenti 5 Salviette Monouso 8032380026945
Save 30%
Availability: 3 item(s)
5.00 3.50
Bolgheri water perfumed wipes known for refreshing, moisturizing and highly emollient properties. Transmit a pleasant sensation of clean.
Talco Non Talco Salviette Rinfrescanti E Lenitive 20 Pz 8058664105694
Save 10%
Availability: 18 item(s)
4.99 4.49
wipes with an original preparation formulated with dermo-compatible components that naturally remove the smells and the effects of sweating. Talc talc wipes leave the skin of the baby fresh, soft and silky
Tena Wet Wash Glove 8 Manopole Imbevute [Clone] 7322541087665
Save 10%
Availability: 17 item(s)
6.90 6.21
The humidified Proskin wipes are pre-influence for adults, they cleanse, also protect and hydrate the most fragile skin.
Videmina CLX are useful intimate wipes; in all cases of excessive development of the local microbial flora. Comfortable to use also during the pregnancy period, post partum, post surgery.
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