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GSE intimate hygiene wipes are indicated for the sanitation of both female and male intimate parts.
Planter'S Salviette Detergenti Igiene Intima All'Aloe Vera 8032755620907
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Planter's Wipes Enthimes Intimate Hygiene in Aloe Vera are formulated with precious plant extracts that Aloe Vera Barbadensis, chamomile extracts, Malva and Calendula.
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Saucella Activate detergent wipes, they are intimate wipes that perform a cleansing and protective action.
Chilly pocket intimate wipes offer long defense and protection. In biodegradable fabric, they can also be thrown into the toilet.
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Saugella Girl Wipers, detergent wipes based on Malva and Calendula extracts
disposable wipes for periocular daily cleansing.
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In the intimate hygiene of adults and children, in the abundant sweating in the bad smells of perspiration, refresh, deodora and keep the skin in good condition
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Vagisil Cosmetic corn starch powder absorbs humidity 25 times more than talc, keeping the intimate and dry intimate parts.
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It keeps the skin soft and healthy, refreshing it and preventing body smells. Avvertances: the preparation is contraindicated in children under the age of 2 with predisposition to laryngospasm and convulsions. ...
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Thanks to the extracts of selected officinal herbs, it contributes to keeping the skin in good condition. Coadiuvante ...
Aleppo Colors Deo Stick Cristallo Di Allume 120 G 8053329140638
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9.70 7.76
Natural deodorant stone with antibacterial effect: it prevents the development of bacteria which are the source of bad smells. It can be used on parts of the body such as: armpits, hands, feet and intimate parts
Aleppo Colors Deo Pietra Cristallo Di Allume Peso 1 Pz 8053329140607
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9.00 7.20
saline crystal that acts by eliminating unpleasant odors, as a natural antibacterial, not influencing the normal breathing of the skin
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