Canker sores and gingivitis

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Jalma gel gingival a gel indicated for the prevention and attenuation of gum problems and oral mucosa, such as irritated gums or small dental interventions.
Aftamed Gel Orale Guarigione Delle Afte 15 Ml 8024825000610
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Diponibilità immediata
12.00 9.60
aftamed oral gel healing of the Aftes immediately reduces the pain caused by the Aftes, promoting the & nbsp; healing and reducing the number.
Disponibile in 12h
What is CuraSept Gel Afte Rapid DNA 10 ml Curasept Gel Afte Rapid DNA is a useful protective gel; in case of pain from Afte and stomatitis Aftose . It gives immediate relief and reduces healing times thanks to the formulation based on DNA and hyaluronic acid. Does not alter...
DetraibileNO DisponibilitàProdotto Disponibile
Dermovitamine afteclin oral gel Afte and 7 ml mouth lesions, isolates the injury and protects it from pain, burning and annoyance and promotes cicatrization and healing
DetraibileSi DisponibilitàProdotto Disponibile
Euclorin Aphthae Gel 8 Ml 8024825001020
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
12.90 10.32
Euclorin Afte Spray is an oral product that hydrates, protects, covers, gives relief and hears the damaged oral surface.
DisponibilitàProdotto Disponibile
Euclorina Afte Collutorio 5 Azioni 120 Ml 8024825001013
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
11.50 9.20
What Euclorin Afte mouthwashes are 5 actions euclorin hips containing hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the Advanced Hyalurofilm Technology carries out 5 shares: 1. Create a barrier that reduces the pain. 2. Protects against external agents. 3. Hydrates damaged fabrics. 4. Promotes...
Alovex Protezione Attiva Gel 8 Ml 8025288007697
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
12.50 10.00
Alovex Active Gel Protection to be used in the presence of Aftes, Aftose stomatitis, small lesions of the mouth such as those due to contact with orthodontic appliances, fixed and mobile prostheses.
Euclorina Afte Gel Sollievo Rapido E Duraturo 8 Ml 8024825001006
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
11.50 9.20
What is Euclorin AFTE GEL euclorine ialuronic acid containing gel. Thanks to the Advanced Hyalurofilm Technology carries out 5 shares: 1. Create a barrier that reduces the pain. 2. Protects against external agents. 3. Hydrates damaged fabrics. 4. Promotes healing. 5. Give...
Diponibilità immediata
Alovex Active Protection Spray protects, reduces pain, favors healing. Suitable for adults and children.
Emoform Afta Spray Per Afte E Lesioni Del Cavo Orale 15 Ml 8056772950106
Save 20%
Emoform afta spray for Aftes and lesions of the oral cavity, adjuvant in the treatment of Aftes, Aftose ulcers, irritation and injury of the mouth.
DisponibilitàProdotto Disponibile
Alovex Protezione Attiva Afte E Lesioni Della Bocca 15 Cerotti 8057742820191
Save 20%
Diponibilità immediata
14.70 11.76
Alovex Active Protection AFTS and Mouth Lessons 15 Patches, useful for the treatment of Aftes, affectionate stomatitis, small lesions of the mouth
DisponibilitàProdotto Disponibile
Tanum green sos afte mouthwash for aphs and small 120 ml mouth injuries, is a medical device indicated for the treatment of Aftes, Aftosa stomatitis, diffuse cans, irritation of the oral cavity and small lesions of the mouth
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