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Emoform Plakout Active Dentifricio 0,20% 8056772950274
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5.90 4.72
what is plak out active toothpaste with chlorhexidine 0.20% 75 ml Font> Plak out active toothpaste is recommended as: -prolonged anti-pronounced and antibacterial treatment. -treatment of irritated gingival fabrics. -treatment for better oral hygiene...
Polident Super Sigillante Adesivo Per Protesi Dentali 40G [Clone] 5054563122537
Save 20%
Polident Super Sigillante Adesivo per protesi dentali Limita le infiltrazioni di cibo 40 g
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are bearings for the lower denture useful to block the denture throughout the day.
Polident Gusto Neutro Adesivo Per Protesi Dentali 70 G 5054563009746
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12.90 10.32
Polid adhesive cream improves the establishment of the prosthesis and prevents the infiltration of food particles between the gum and the prosthesis.
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What is Protesan disposable dental repair kit Protasan is a resin to repair the dentigious denture , injured or who has lost a tooth, acts in 20 minutes, does not compromise the subsequent intervention of the technician, does not contain allergenic or harmful cyanacrile...
Kukident Complete Neutro Crema Adesiva Per Dentiere 70G 8006540290729
Save 23%
Kukident Complete Neutro Neutro Adhesive Cream ensures freshness and secure seal all day.
Polident Super Sigillante Adesivo Per Protesi Dentali 40G 5054563065445
Save 20%
Polident Super Tenuta + Sealant ; UN ; adhesive for dental prostheses. ; offers a ; greater coverage of the surface ; of the prosthesis.
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What is Plak Gel for gums Plak gel gum protection, which acts only on the application site. Against the infections/irritation of the gums in the carriers of fixed and furniture prostheses or orthodontic appliances. For daily hygiene of prostheses.
Appfresh Per La Pulizia Degli Apparecchi Ortodontici, Bite E Protesi Removibili 999007558
Save 20%
what is appfresto for cleaning orthodontic appliances, bite and removable 60 ml prostheses with toothbrush appfresti is a medical device useful for cleaning orthodontic appliances, bite and removable prostheses. has a deep action, removes the stains and gives 24h...
RAPIDENT COMPRESSIVE A MEDICAL DIAPOPT IN CUPS Useful for ; Clean Prosthesis and dentures in 1 minute.
Protasan repairs the dental prosthesis and reattaches the teeth, provisionally repairs broken dentures, cracked or who have lost a tooth.
A sticker in Pasta A CE medical device, for dentures, guarantees a safe estate all day. ;
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