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Pontefix fixes dental bridges and capsules, provisionally fixed bridges, crowns, pin and capsules made with all types of material.
Polident adhesive for dental prosthesis a hydro-attractive gel provides a strong daily seal
Disponibile in 12h
Dinabase 7 20 g tube dental gel, adhesive gel compatible with all the prostheses made in acrylic yield
Gum Sunstar Soft Picks Advanced 30 Pz Taglia Small 7630019902786
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6.10 4.88
Gum Sunstar Soft Picks Advanced 30 pcs Small size, for effective interdental cleaning, to remove food and plaque residues, delicate on teeth and gums
Emoform Dent Crema Adesiva 45G Offerta Speciale 922331855
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6.90 5.52
The Emoform Dent adhesive cream fix your smile to give you comfort and safety all day.
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Fitty Dent Plus Double Tenuta Sapore 40gr, adhesive pasta for mobile prostheses enriched with chlorophyll, which inhibits the formation of bad smells, for a long freshness all day
Bony Plus 56 Copresse Per La Pulizia Della Dentiera  902174388
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7.15 5.72
Bony Plus 56 covered in just 3 minutes performs a powerful cleaning.
Nocavity Kit Per Otturazioni Dentali Provvisorie 909036699
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11.90 9.52
Nocavity Kit for provisional dental shutters, special dough that hardens in 15/20 minutes in contact with saliva
Curaprox dental gel cleaner for daily maintenance of prostheses
Polident long sticker seal for dental prosthesis, up to 12 hours of safe estate
Dr Brux Bite Superiore Antibruxismo Notte Trasparente 1 Pezzo + Porta Bite Omaggio 8058363132106
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Dr Brux Bite Superior Antibruxism Transparent Night 1 piece + free bite door, protects the teeth, relaxes the muscles, makes sleep restaurateur
Forte Emoform Dent with its innovative formula, ensures tender and protection for the prosthesis. Quick and lasting grip, without risks of irritation and pain.
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