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Forte Emoform Dent with its innovative formula, ensures tender and protection for the prosthesis. Quick and lasting grip, without risks of irritation and pain.
Doctor Bite Automatico Automodellante Per Bruxismo 2 Pz 905035402
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Doctor Bite is a protection of the teeth from wear caused by bruxism, indicated to avoid teeth grinding phenomena and for the relaxation of the muscle bands.
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Curaprox Prime Plus 09 yellow brush 5pz, ideal for a particularly easy and effective prevention of the caries of the side teeth, gingivitis and periodontitis.
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Emoform dent effervescent tablets guarantees complete and effective protection of the prosthesis and a pleasant feeling of freshness!
Kukident suits antibacterial adhesive cream for dentures 47g, freshness and secure seal all day
Kukident 88 Compresse Pulenti Per Dentiere 5011321868021
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Kukident 88 Pulent tablets for dentures, help to fight bacteria that can cause bad breath and gingival irritation
Polident long sticker seal for dental prosthesis, up to 12 hours of safe estate
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oral-b denture-nbsp toothbrush; one ; toothbrush ; specific for the cleaning of the ; mobile prostheses. ;
Cleaning Box Kit Cleaning Prosthesis is a practical tray that facilitates the cleaning of dentures thanks to the internal drip. Suitable for the intensive dive of whole or partial prostheses and orthodontic devices.
Kukident Complete Fresh ; Una ; adhesive cream for denture ; from taste ; fresh and mint.
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Gum Ortho è formulato specificamente per i portatori di apparecchi ortodontici, in quanto assicura una maggior prevenzione della carie.
Polident neutral adhesive taste for dental prostheses, without artificial aromas and preservatives
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