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Nestlè NAN Supreme Pro 1  è un  latte liquido  indicato per l’alimentazione del lattante che non può essere allattato al seno. Unicamente  lattosio  e senza olio di palma, contiene  DHA  (come prescritto dalla legge per tutti le formule per lattanti).
Nestlè Nan Supreme Pro 2  è un  latte di proseguimento  liquido indicato per l'alimentazione del lattante a partire da  6 mesi di vita.  È formulato per far parte di una alimentazione diversificata, da iniziare secondo le indicazioni del pediatra.
Milpa milk powder for tacts 1 with DHA. Suitable for all infants from birth to the 6th month.
aptamil 1, completely satisfies the nutritional needs of the infant from the first days of life, indicated up to the 6th month.
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Humana 1 Probal; it is a milk for infants designed to satisfy the nutritional needs of the child; from birth to the 6th month performed, when not breastfed in the breast.
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What Nestlè Nan as milk in anti constipation dust Nestlè nan as Anti-Tastipsi is specifically designed for cases of functional constipation (difficulty and low frequency of evacuation and inadequate consistency of the feces), thanks to the combination of gos-fos fibers, L.reudo ferments,...
Milpa milk powder 2 is a continuation milk, created to help normal growth and development of your little one. ;
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Nidina 3 ; Una ; milk for growth ; specially designed for the child ; from 12 to 24 months. , formulated to help satisfy the specific nutritional needs of the child.
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Nidina REUTERI 2 ; Una ; continuation milk ; indicated for the feeding of the infant to leave ; for 6 months of life, in the total or partial absence of breast milk. Contains Optipro, mixture of exclusive proteins and live lactic ferments.
BB Milk Dg; is a food for special medical purposes, suitable for the feeding of infants with minor gastrointestinal problems such as colic, abdominal distension and constipation, which can present themselves in the first months of life.
what is dicofarm formulat 0 liquid milk for babies 3 bricks x 200 ml food for special medical purposes for the pretermined newborn of low weight . formulat 0 is a complete food indicated for the treatment diet...
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Humana 2 Probal; it is a milk indicated in the feeding of the infant; from the 6th month of life until the year of age, as a complement and integration of a varied and balanced diet.
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