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Bepanthenol Pasta Lenitiva Protettiva 100G 8000560990058
Save 20%
Availability: 28 item(s)
13.85 11.08
Bepanthenol protective soothing pasta is a cream that prevents redness and performs a soothing and adjuvant action of the natural process of regeneration of the epidermis, indispensable when it has irritations.
Uriage Eau Thermale Bébé Creme Lavante Detergente Bambino 200 Ml 3661434008665
Save 10%
Availability: 4 item(s)
12.25 11.02
Uriage Eau Thermale Bébé Creme Lavante è la prima crema detergente adatta a bambini e neonati.
Mustela Dermo-Pediatria Stelatria Crema Riparatrice Purificante Per Pelle Arrossata 40Ml 3504105032937
Save 10%
Availability: 25 item(s)
13.90 12.51
Mustela Cicastela a purifying and soothing repairing cream indicated for localized redness, face and body, susceptible to superinfections.
Uriage Eau Thermale Bébé Creme Lavante è la prima crema detergente adatta a bambini e neonati.
Mustela Family moisturizing cream organic with olive oil is a cream with natural moisturizing ingredients, it leaves the skin soft and delicate.
Regime AlimentareVegano
Mustela Pelle Sensibile Crema Idratante Lenitiva Viso 40 Ml 3504105036430
Save 10%
Mustela Sensitive leather moisturizing lenorative face cream, for the hydration of the face, daily use from birth, moisturizes and sootes the feeling of itching
Cemon Eau De Philae Acqua Di Colonia 1L 8013901074317
Save 10%
Availability: 3 item(s)
94.00 84.60
L' Eau de Philae  è un' Acqua di Colonia  alle  piante officinali e ai fiori freschi  di altissima qualità, ricca di essenze ed estratti vegetali benefici. Il risultato è una preziosa e purissima fragranza rinfrescante e tonificante dal delicato bouquet fruttato e dalle molteplici virtù.
Mustela Bebe Crema Nutriente Viso Alla Cold Cream 40 Ml 3504105036003
Save 10%
Availability: 18 item(s)
8.50 7.65
Mustela Facial nourishing cream with the ideal cold cream for the hydration of the face in case of dry or temporarily dehydrated skin of your child.
Aderma Exomega Control Balsamo Emolliente Anti Grattage 400 Ml 3282770149722
Save 10%
Availability: 4 item(s)
31.50 28.35
Adema Exomega Control Balm has an anti -scratch emollient is indicated for the treatment of dry skin of adults and children
Mustela Stelatopia Crema Viso Emolliente 40 ml 3504105031572
Save 10%
Availability: 11 item(s)
10.50 9.45
Mustela Stelatopia emollient face cream 40 ml, hydrates, relic and soots the sensations of itching, strengthens the natural defenses of the skin of the newborn and the child
Availability: 2 item(s)
Mustela Stelatopia Baby baby emollient cream 300 ml, useful for hydrating and soothing the sensations of itching of atopic tendency
Mustela Bebe stick nourishing lips and cheeks 10.1 ml, useful for protecting the most fragile areas of the child, nourishing and moisturizing the skin
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