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Angel Sound Cuore Di Bimbo Per Ascoltare Il Battito Del Cuore Del Bambino 905885962
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Angel Sound Child's Heart to listen to the baby's heartbeat allows you to listen to movements, soccer, sobs and above all the heartbeat of your child.
Avent Niplette are the ideal and simple solution for the intro -rim capezzles
What is Avent Niplette for Capezzoli Introflessi 2 disposable absorber cups the introduced nipples or without projection are one Unpleasant imperfection for many women, and make breastfeeding difficult for both mom and child. > Niplette has been designed to help solve these...
Silver Cap description Silver cap & egrave; A medical device in pure silver trilaminated, destined to protect the woman's nipples during the breastfeeding period. The device & egrave; Suitable for breast protection during the breastfeeding period, to avoid the onset of small...
Rilastil Crema Smagliature 200 Ml 8055510240578
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Reciparies Crema Stalling 200 ml helps prevent and counteract stretch marks, even during the pregnancy period.
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Wellness Monomisura postoperative band prevents abdominal relaxation. Recommended after surgical or post -delivery interventions. Perfect adherence to the Lombo-Sacral region.
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Bio-Oil is a dermatological oil for skin care; in case of scars, stretch marks, colorful of the non-uniform skin,; signs of aging and dehydrated skin.
Multicentrum Neo Mamma Dha 30 Capsule + 30 Capsule Molli 8058697280818
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Multicentrum Neo Mamma Dha a multivitamin and multimineral food supplement suitable for women who gave birth, with nutrients that help to keep the natural defenses healthy.
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Relastil 75 ml stretch marks cream helps prevent and counteract stretch marks, even during the pregnancy period.
Bio Oil Specialista Nella Cura Della Pelle 200 ml 6001159111818
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28.95 27.95
Bio Oil Specialista Nella Cura Della Pelle 200 ml, prodotto specializzato nella cura della pelle formulato per migliorare l'aspetto di cicatrici, smagliature e colorito della pelle non uniforme.
Mustela maternitã cream prevention of stretch marks 150 ml, specifically formulated for future and new mothers
Mustela maternitã Crema stretch marks favors the reduction of stretch marks thanks to a unique composition of active ingredients and ingredients of natural origin
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