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DIFFIAN VAGINAL TASTERS 7 PCS, 300 mg lactoferrine vaginal tablets, useful as an adjuvant in the prevention of preterm birth, with 7 single -dose vaginal application systems
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Bio Oil Specialist in skin care 125 ml, it is a specific product for the care of the skin formulated to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and color of the non -uniform skin.
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Weleda's stretch marks oil is an oil -based oil, wheat germ, jojoba wax and Arnica flowers extract, increases tone and elasticity of the skin, visibly reduces existing stretch marks and prevents the formation of new stretch marks
Regime AlimentareVegano
RipoStil Elasticizing Oil ; UN ; Highly body treatment; emollient and restorative , based on selected vegetable oils (Argan oil, Jojoba, Oliva, Rice and Plukenetia bran) and enriched with vitamin E and Vitamin F.
DetraibileNO AllergeniNickel Tested, Senza Glutine
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Medela Capezzolo modelers; are an ; non -invasive method to prepare breastfeeding the flattened or returned nipples. ;
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Medela Protect Capezzolo, protect the chapped or painful nipples before and after breastfeeding, granting the delicate tissue of the breast the time to heal.
P6 Nausea Control Sea Band 8030936200016
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P6 Nausea Control Sea Band: bracelets made in a special mix of hypoallergenic and elasticized fabrics, selected to ensure a long duration and exert a calibrated pressure on point P6, thus reproducing, continuously, the beneficial effects of the cupboard. For travel nausea, pregnant, post operating by migraine and chemotherapy, they can be used repeatedly and for a long time and are washable in cold water.
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Many of us, before a journey by car, ship, train or plane, are preparing to undergo the annoyances due to nausea.Irò can be avoided by applying the technique of the erupression, which is based on the exercise ...
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purelan ; a ; cream ; mono-ingredient produced with lanolina ; 100%natural, ; usable in pregnancy or breastfeeding ; to prevent or Treat sensitive and dehydrated nipples. ;
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Vea Bua Oil Spray is a product suitable for seca and red skin, irritated, for the chaplating of the nipple during breastfeeding.
AllergeniNickel Tested, Senza Glutine
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What is the Washable Modellers of the Naven 2 pcs Medela Modellers of the nipple are a non -invasive method to prepare the flattened or returned nipples for breastfeeding. The modelers are equipped, in the rear, with a soft silicone for an employment even more comfortable, the...
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Weleda oil perianal massage 50ml is recommended starting from the thirty -fourth week of pregnancy.
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