Cough, cold and sore throat

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Availability: 722 item(s)
Grintuss Pediatric quickly calms both daytime and night cough, particularly frequent in the child. Suitable from 1 year.
AllergeniSenza Glutine
Gse Tussive Flu Sciroppo per la tosse grassa 120 ml 8057968090019
Save 10%
Availability: 18 item(s)
14.90 13.41
GSE Tussive FLA Siroppo is a drinkable food supplement indicated for fat cough of any origin and nature.
Vicks Vaporub Unguento Inalante 50G 8001090004185
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Availability: 253 item(s)
11.18 10.06
Vicks Vaporub inlank ointment; It is a useful preparation in case of canfora -based cooling syndromes, menthol and essential oils
Aspi Gola Natura Albicocca E Limone Spray 20Ml 8000560990546
Save 20%
Availability: 13 item(s)
12.85 10.28
ASPI Gola Natura is a spray based on natural extracts that protects the throat and reduces the cough. It is a useful product in case of sore throat also caused by tonsillitis and pharyngitis.
Aspi Gola Nutaura Menta E Limone Spray 20Ml 8000560990522
Save 20%
Availability: 18 item(s)
12.85 10.28
ASPI Gola Natura is a spray based on natural extracts that protects the throat and reduces the cough.
Aspigola Natura Junior Vaniglia E Fragola 16 Bustine Monodose 8000560990560
Save 20%
Availability: 22 item(s)
13.80 11.04
ASPI Gola Nature Junior Vanilla and Strawberry is a children's syrup based on natural extracts. Useful for the symptoms of sore throat and dry, fat, allergic, irritative cough.
Aboca Propol 2 Integratore Alimentare Gusto Fragola E Ciliegia Spray 30 Ml 904695210
Save 20%
Availability: 109 item(s)
15.00 12.00
Propol2 Emf Spray No Alcohol is a supplement that assisted the natural defenses of the body and is useful for the & nbsp; well -being of the oral cavity, especially during the winter. Suitable for children and adults.
Esi Omega 3 Extra Pure Integratore Con Omega 3 E Vitamina E 120 Perle [Clone] [Clone] [Clone] 8008843133338
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Availability: 12 item(s)
12.95 10.36
What is Immunoflor Junior dry and fatty coughs 150 ml performers Immunoflor junior cough is a medical insurance with a strong balsamic component, formulated to modulate the cough without inhibiting it . immunilflor junior syrup cough in case of fatty cough hydrates the mucous...
DetraibileSi AllergeniSenza Lattosio, Senza Glutine
Availability: 1 item(s)
Integratore alimentare a base di Propoli plus E.P.I.D., estratto di echinacea standardizzato in echinacoside, succo di acerola titolato in vitamina C e miele di eucalipto.
DetraibileSi AllergeniSenza Glutine
Liisomucil Tosse Mucolitico 100 Mg/5 Ml Sciroppo Per Bambini 200 Ml 023185061
Save 10%
Availability: 1015 item(s)
11.50 10.35
Liisomucil Tosse Mucolitico è uno sciroppo, per bambini, fluidificante nelle affezioni acute e croniche dell'apparato respiratorio.
Narhinel Soluzione Fisiologica 20 Flaconcini Monodose Da 5 Ml 8018031001271
Save 10%
Availability: 189 item(s)
8.50 7.65
Narhinel physiological solution gently clean the nasal cavities of children and babies.
Nepiros Spray Gola Nuova Formula 30 Ml 975049711
Save 10%
Availability: 38 item(s)
14.00 12.60
Nepiros Spray Gola Complemento alimentare a base di lattoferrina, propoli, estratto di ribes e zinco. Utile a colmare le carenze nutrizionali o gli aumentati fabbisogni di tali nutrienti. Ingredienti Acqua, fruttosio, lattoferrina (contiene latte e derivati), ribes nero (Ribes nigrum...
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