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Nemex Pasta per cats syringe 3g worms against worms and intestinal parasites

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Cos' Nemex Pasta for cats syringe 3g worms against worms and intestinal parasites

nemex a p rod for oral use, yellow color to yellowish brown . ; < /p>

nemex cats ; A veterinary medicine in the form of Pasta based on the active ingredient Pyntel Pamato. It is used to treat and prevent some intestinal parasitic infestations in cats of all ages and even in cats in pregnancy and breastfeeding. The drug has no side effect on the cat, therefore an excellent choice when we deal with the annoying (and dangerous) parasites. 115.3 mg/g (equal to Pyntel base 40 mg/g).


to taste a 1 g. The prevention of infestations from ascarids and ancelostomes in kittens, cats in pregnancy and breastfeeding and adult cats.


no note.


use/route of administration



only administration of 57.65 mg of Pyntel Pamoato per kg weight Corporeo (equal to 2 notches of the 2 g syringe or 1 notch of the 3 g syringe).

The content of a 2 g syringe is sufficient for a cat of 4 kg in weight; The content of a 3 g syringe is sufficient for a cat of 6 kg in weight.

administer the cat without fasting and without making a particular diet respect it.
< /p>

The appetability a 'of the drug allows you to spread the preparation directly on the teeth or on a cat of the cat with the appropriate injector or directly in the oral cavity of the animal.

In the case of little sociable or restless animals it can be administered mixed with food.


prophylaxis is done to keep the cat free from worms.

Furthermore, the prophylactic treatment with the drug allows the cat: it is more r existing to other diseases; Stress stand more; present a more vigilant sensory; Best of a better general appearance, in particular present more lucid hair.

kittens (up to 12 weeks of age): a first treatment must be carried out at 10-14 days of age. BR>

subsequent treatments must be practiced at weekly intervals up to 2-3 weeks after weaning (about 5-7 weeks of age).

still persisting the probability of infestation it is advisable to proceed with further treatments up to the twelfth week of age at 2 weeks.

young and adult cats (after 12 weeks of age): proceed to Regular treatments every 3 months.

in lacking hygiene and/or environmental conditions, such as to encourage the possibility of more frequent infestation, it is appropriate to repeat the treatments at more close time intervals

Gatte: provide for treatment 2, 4, 6 weeks after each heat. sixth , eighth and tenth week after childbirth.

outside these periods and in good hygienic conditions it is sufficient to proceed with the disinfestation treatments every three months.

< p> therapy: the treatment must be carried out immediately each time the presence of parasites is ascertained and repeated at a distance of 2-3 weeks. , in a cool and dry place.


In the event of a dosage difficulty, for example when you are unable to weigh the cat, you have to round off by excess The dose of the drug to be administered.

The preparation, in fact, below the indicated dosage does not fully perform all its therapeutic efficacy; To the contrary, high doses do not present contraindications.

The veterinary medicine has a large margin of safety and can be safely administered to subjects of all ages, in any physiological state and in any state and gravity of illness.

overdose: if administered in doses 120 times higher than the therapeutic one and for several days it does not present symptoms of intolerance (vomiting, weight loss).


waiting time

not pertinent.

Destination species


Undesirable effects

Nobody known.

during the clinical tests that used higher dosages than the recommended ones have not been found or reported side effects.

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